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Center Chief Technologists
The Center Chief Technologist at each NASA field Center works on behalf of the Center as a member of the OCT staff. Their responsibilities include:
  • Report to Center management. Serve as the principal advisor to Center leadership on matters concerning Center-wide technology development and leverage.
  • Communicate Center technology capabilities through representation on Center Technology Council.
  • Serve as Center POC for the NASA Center Innovation Fund. Responsible for reporting and programmatic management of the Center Innovation Fund at the Center level.
  • Serve as Center focal point for Space Technology Research Fellowships.
  • Lead technology transfer, Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) and commercialization opportunities across the center, including activities of solicitation, evaluation, and selection.
  • Serve as Center change agent, particularly regarding the workforce’s capacity to innovate.
  • Document, demonstrate and communicate societal impact of Center technology accomplishments.
  • Serve to encourage partnerships and inter-Center collaborations.
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