OCT Technical Seminar–Orbital Debris
An overview of the orbital debris problem, quantify the effectiveness of using Active Debris Removal (ADR) to remediate the environment, and outline the technology and engineering challenges for ADR operations.
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Strategic Integration

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    Strategic Integration

    Carries out coordination of technology investments across the Agency, including the mission-focused investments managed by the NASA mission directorates, as well as the game changing and crosscutting technologies addressed within OCT.

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    Technology Coordination and Planning

    A set of governance guidelines that will define the Agency’s technology coordination, integration and planning activities.

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    NASA Technology Councils

    NASA internal ruling bodies commissioned to provide Agency-level technology integration, coordination and strategic planning.

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    Space Technology Grand Challenges

    The needed discoveries and technology developments that will expand human presence in space, manage in-space resources, and enable transformational space exploration and scientific discovery.

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    Space Technology Roadmap

    A set of documents that provides recommendations covering NASA’s current and planned technology investments over a 20-year horizon, with greater detail provided over the first 10 years. (See Technology Roadmap Areas below).

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    Technology Portfolio Tracking

    An Agency-wide process and system for tracking all of the significant technology investments, activities, and products by NASA.

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    Technology Special Studies

    A series of comprehensive technical assessment studies and investigations to determine the pros and cons of pursuing various technology pathways and technology development strategies.

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    Technology Reports

    Reports that document NASA’s technology performance and planning information in quarterly and yearly reports.

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    Agency-Level Technology Coordination

    Strategic Integration Office members are assigned to NASA Mission Directorates as Points of Contact, to facilitate effective bi-directional communications.

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    About Us

    Strategic Integration Office member’s roles and responsibilities.

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    Center Chief Technologists

    The Center Chief Technologist at each NASA field Center works on behalf of the Center as a member of the OCT staff.