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Funded STRG Activities: STRO
Space Technology Research Opportunities (STRO): This program element fosters the development of innovative, low-TRL technologies that have the potential to lead to dramatic improvements at the system level - performance, weight, cost, reliability, operational simplicity or other figures of merit associated with space flight hardware or missions. The activities shall be competitively selected via a series of solicitations entitled, “Space Technology Research Opportunities (STRO),” which are expected to be issued at least annually. Efforts are expected to be short term—typically one to three years in duration—and will increase the TRL of technologies that might be applied to multiple, current missions, or to allow NASA to pursue entirely new missions.

Links to Archived STRO Solicitation Information:

› View the Space Technology Research Opportunities-Early Stage Innovations (STRO-ESI) solicitation and press release.

› View the announcement for the inaugural Space Technology Research Opportunities for Early Career Faculty solicitation and press release.