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David Steitz, Media Relations
image of David SteitzDavid Steitz
David Steitz is the senior public affairs officer for the Office of the Chief Technologist. Steitz serves as spokesperson for the office and facilitates interaction between the Chief Technologist, his staff, and journalists. Steitz previously was the Deputy Director of News Services and the NASA News Chief, managing NASA's day-to-day news operations. Prior to being named NASA News Chief, Steitz served as the senior public officer for NASA's Earth Science Enterprise, NASA's Expendable Launch Vehicles program and was a NASA Headquarters spokesperson during space shuttle missions. Before coming to NASA, Steitz was senior vice president of SRC, a national public opinion research firm where he managed Delphi survey studies of Fortune 100 companies. Steitz also worked as associate editor of the Artists and Writers Syndicate and was sales director for Universal Press Syndicate. Steitz is an active member of the National Press Club and a lifelong resident of Washington.