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  • LaserMotive Announces Business Expansion; Names New President, VP of Operations  →

    LaserMotive, an independent R&D company specializing in laser power beaming technology, has announced the appointment of company co-founder Tom Nugent as President and technology industry veteran David Bashford as Vice President of Operations.

  • Power-Beamers Rise Again  →

    Just as one big-money contest for high-tech innovators winds down, another revs up: The $2 million Power Beaming Challenge, a competition that could lay the groundwork for future space elevators, is getting under way - and you can follow the action live.

  • Will the Space Elevator Rise?  →

    If space elevators work out the way the idea's advocates hope, sending payloads into orbit would become as routine as, say, sending a shipment on a freight train - except that the train would travel straight up for hundreds or thousands of miles, powered by laser beams.

  • There's No Stairway to Heavens? Take the Elevator  →

    Before jumping to the conclusion that anyone trying to build an elevator into space must be a little crazy, consider that NASA has put up $2 million for a related contest and several new Seattle-area businesses have started working toward this lofty goal.

  • Five Questions: Cabling to Space  →

    Brian Turner, captain of the Kansas City Space Pirates, spent Tuesday afternoon talking to all the eighth-grade science classes at Clark Middle School about the upcoming Space Elevator Games, taking place in June. Turner, an independent computer consultant, said prize money for this year’s competition is $2 million.

  • Elevator Games Aim High  →

    The million-dollar Space Elevator Games, scheduled for Oct. 19-21 in Utah, is due to hit new heights this year, in more ways than one.