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  • Sponsors Sought For NASA's Centennial Challenges Competitions

    06.14.10 - NASA is seeking private and corporate sponsors for the Centennial Challenges, a program of incentive prizes designed for the "citizen inventor" that generates creative solutions to problems of interest to NASA and the nation.

  • NASA Picks 18 Small Business Tech Transfer Projects For Continued Development

    06.09.10 - NASA has selected 18 innovative technology proposals for negotiation of Phase 2 contract awards in the Small Business Technology Transfer program, or "STTR." The selected projects have a total value of approximately $11 million. The contracts will be awarded to 18 high technology firms that are partnering with 15 universities in 12 states.

  • NASA Chief Technologist, Congressman Fattah Visit X-Car Team At West Philadelphia High School Monday

    06.03.10 - NASA Chief Technologist, Congressman Fattah Visit X-Car Team At West Philadelphia High School Monday

  • NASA Seeks Research Proposals For Green Aircraft Concepts

    06.02.10 - NASA is soliciting proposals for studies designed to identify advanced vehicle concepts and enabling technologies for commercial airliners to fly more economically, quieter and cleaner by 2025.

  • Spinoffs Reveal Earth Benefits of NASA Technologies

    05.27.10 - The second annual Spinoff Day on the Hill, hosted by Representative Suzanne Kosmas of Florida, featured seven companies who have partnered with NASA to bring innovations to market that are saving lives, protecting the environment, and enriching how we experience our planet.

  • Sailor Reflects on NASA Technology That Saved His Life

    05.24.10 - Thanks to NASA technology, the Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking (SARSAT) program managed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the bravery of military rescuers, Clements was ultimately plucked to safety by a Navy seaman who had been dispatched from the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • NASA Develops Enhanced Search and Rescue Technologies

    05.24.10 - NASA, which pioneered the technology used for the satellite-aided search and rescue capability that has saved more than 27,000 lives worldwide since its inception nearly three decades ago, has developed new technology that will more quickly identify the locations of people in distress and reduce the risk of rescuers.

  • NASA Moves 'FAST' For Reduced-Gravity Flight Testing Tech Projects

    05.18.10 - NASA selected 17 technology demonstration projects for reduced-gravity aircraft flights to demonstrate whether emerging technologies can perform as expected in the reduced-gravity environment of the moon and Mars, or the zero-gravity environment of Earth orbit.

  • Astronaut Glove Prizewinners Demonstration

    05.17.10 - On Apr. 30, 2010, the winners of the 2009 Astronaut Glove Challenge visited Johnson Space Center to meet with NASA space suit experts and demonstrate their gloves in a vacuum glove box.


    5.4.10 - Cozily positioned next to the piping hot kettle corn tent and across from the Panasonic HD 3D truck, NASA's new traveling exhibit "From Rockets to Race Cars" made its NASCAR debut last weekend at Richmond International Raceway. From better brakes and safer tires, the exhibit features NASA's contributions to the racing world, a correlation that was news to a lot of people.