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  • Getting Excited About Asteroids  →

    An asteroid mission would be the first trip for astronauts beyond Earth’s “gravitational well,” which also includes the moon.

  • Nation Needs Sustained Commitment To Investment In Innovation  →

    The outlook for America's ability to compete for quality jobs in the global economy has continued to deteriorate in the last five years, and the nation needs a sustained investment in education and basic research to keep from slipping further.

  • NASA Wants To Move Beyond Technology Auctions  →

    NASA managers are looking for new ways to get the technology its engineers develop for space exploration out into the broader U.S. economy, where businesses can adapt it for commercial products.

  • New Technology For A New NASA (SPCENWS)  →

    If we really want a new NASA to lead the U.S. past the post-Apollo shuttle/international space station era, moving beyond low Earth orbit with human exploration of the solar system, then an advanced space technology program must be the cornerstone of the foundation upon which a new NASA is built.

  • The Engadget Show  →

    Get ready humans, because we have an all new, amazing Engadget Show fresh out of the box. For your viewing pleasure, Josh sits down with NASA Chief Technologist Bobby Braun to find out about the next generation of NASA technology.

  • NASA Needs You To Transfer Technologies  →

    NASA wants to transfer NASA-owned technologies into the U.S. marketplace and is soliciting potential partners to provide no-cost brokerage services for intellectual property transactions, such as patent brokering.

  • Prize Platform Invites Citizens to Solve Nation’s Challenges  →

    In search of novel solutions to the tricky problem of how to keep astronauts fit during prolonged periods of weightlessness, NASA found an unlikely ally in Alex Altshuler.

  • NASA Taps Private Sector For Test Flights  →

    NASA, through commercial partnerships, this fall will test the feasibility of private experimental vehicles near the edge of Earth’s atmosphere.

  • CRuSR Makes Its First Awards  →

    On Monday NASA announced that it has made $475,000 in awards to Armadillo Aerospace and Masten Space Systems for experimental flights of suborbital reusable vehicles.

  • Agencies To Challenge Citizens For Solutions  →

    By the end of December, NASA will have held about 34 competitions where they challenged experts from inside and outside the space agency to help solve a variety of problems.