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“NASA will reach out to the public and share information about its technology investments.” - NASA SSTIP

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people at work
Gathering public input on TechPort
Strategic Integration developed and manages NASA’s Technology Portfolio System (TechPort)—an integrated, Agency-wide software system designed to capture, track, and manage NASA’s portfolio of technology investments. TechPort provides detailed information on individual technology programs and projects throughout NASA.

TechPort is equipped with features that allow users to efficiently search and browse technology projects, identify technology gaps, and provide comprehensive technology reports. TechPort is now available to NASA civil servant and contractor employees who log in from a domain. The Office of the Chief Technologist plans to make TechPort publicly available in the future.

TechPort’s Main Objectives:
  • Provide the capability to search and share NASA technology information.
  • Provide the Agency with tools to analyze the technology portfolio, make decisions about future investments, and generate reports quickly.
  • Enhance the ability to identify prospective technology development partners.
  • Provide NASA Centers, Programs, and Projects the capability to dynamically capture information and manage their technology.
The NASA Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan (NASA SSTIP) describes how TechPort also helps NASA achieve one of the technology investment goals inspired by the National Research Council’s recommendations: “NASA will reach out to the public and share information about its technology investments.”

In 2012, OCT showcased TechPort at NASA’s Technology Days conference in Cleveland, Ohio. OCT solicited input on the content, features, and user interface of TechPort. TechPort will be released to the public in the fall of 2013.
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