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› NASA Seeks Big Ideas for Small In-Space Propulsion Systems
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› 2013 NIAC Phase I NRA/Solicitation
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image of planets
The Agency's strategy for space technology investment.
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Space Tech Roadmaps

technology head
The Agency's strategy for space technology investment.
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NASA Tech Transfer Portal

hubble image
Bringing technology from NASA back down to Earth!
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Strategic Integration

Policy, requirements, and strategy for NASA’s technology development activities.
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NASA Advisory Council

illustration of arrows
Technology and Innovation Committee.
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NASA Technology

Check out the latest in NASA technology!
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NASA Spinoff

NASA Spinoff magazine cover
NASA technologies in the form of commercialized products.
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Technology and Innovation

Investments in space technology and innovation enable new missions, stimulate the economy, contribute to the nation’s global competitiveness, and inspire America’s next generation of scientists, engineers and astronauts. 
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Space Tech In Our Lives

Passenger Plane in Flight
Visualizing Advances in Flight
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OCT Modeling
Modeling What's Cool
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