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NASA Technology Provides Economic Benefit Across the U.S.
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Every year, new NASA inventions and discoveries make their way into the fabric of our society. NASA has documented over 1,750 spinoff stories (and counting), and each one demonstrates the ways technologies originally developed for NASA missions have come back down to Earth to improve our daily lives.

In order to provide the public with a deeper understanding of NASA’s impact across the U.S., NASA recently published a series of economic impact flyers. The flyers cover all fifty states to illustrate some of the most successful strategic partnerships and spinoffs in recent years.

Each sheet provides data regarding NASA investment in the state as well as a sampling of companies that have participated in the Small Business Innovation Research/Small Business Technology Transfer (SBIR/STTR) programs. In addition, the flyers highlight spinoff stories to demonstrate how businesses in each state have partnered with NASA in non-aerospace industries such as health and medicine, consumer goods, transportation, renewable energy, and manufacturing.

Some of the highlighted spinoff technologies include:
  • Inflatable satellite antennas that provide critical support to first responders after disasters in places like Afghanistan and Haiti
  • Screening devices for the detection of vision problems in children
  • Medical devices that increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments
  • Electrolyte formulas developed to combat dehydration
  • Whole aircraft parachute recovery systems that have saved hundreds of small aircraft—and their pilots and passengers
Many stories demonstrate NASA’s revolutionary impact on existing technologies. For example, NASA’s aerodynamics research enabled the average U.S. tractor trailer to become 15-25 percent more fuel efficient at highway speeds. NASA’s blended winglets, the upturned ends on many airplane wings, have saved the airline industry billions in fuel costs. All of these spinoff stories show how NASA has transformed life on Earth by developing innovative technologies that directly benefit society.

The flyers offer a valuable tool to help educate the public about NASA’s extraordinary technology transfer successes. Furthermore, they provide concrete and impressive statistics showing how government research projects are helping to spark innovation in a wide array of industries, create new jobs, and improve lives.

The state economic impact flyers are available online and can be downloaded here: http://www.nasa.gov/offices/oct/economic_impacts/