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Technology Coordination and Assessment

[image-78][image-62]NASA Technology Coordination and Integration

NASA's four Mission Directorates - Aeronautics Research, Human Exploration and Operations, Science, and Space Technology - rely on a vast array of technologies to accomplish their individual goals and objectives. Strategic Integration helps the Mission Directorates identify and leverage technology needs, priorities, and development opportunities. In addition to interfacing with the Mission Directorates, Strategic Integration coordinates with other NASA Administrator staff offices, such as the Office of the Chief Engineer and the Office of the Chief Health and Medical Officer, to ensure continuity in technology policies, requirements, and strategies across NASA.

Technology Coordination With Other Government Agencies and Organizations
Strategic Integration identifies and coordinates opportunities for technology collaboration with other government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration, and more. To support the Office of the Chief Technologist in its role as the NASA technology point of entry, Strategic Integration:

  • Assesses the Agency technology roadmapping and technology prioritization activities from a bottoms-up, institutional perspective and provide these assessments to NASA Technology Executive Council.
  • Fosters channels of communication with Government agencies whose ongoing or planned technology activities complement technology development within NASA.
  • Identifies other Government agencies who have technology development activities supporting or related to the NASA Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan.
  • Evaluates whether a technology has a clear infusion path or potential as a spinoff.
  • Maintains timely awareness of other Government technologies that are of interest to the Office of the Chief Technologist.
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Technology Coordination Logos
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Strategic Ingetration
STRATEGIC INTEGRATION: Clockwise from top: Science, Space Technology, Aeronautics Research, Human Exploration and Operations
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