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Strategic Integration Activities
[image-62][image-67][image-83][image-99]Technology Strategic Planning and Analysis
Strategic Integration develops policy, requirements, and Agency strategy for NASA's technology development activities, including the NASA Strategic Space Technology Investment Plan  and the Space Technology Roadmaps.

Strategic Integration routinely analyzes and assesses NASA's space technology portfolio. Strategic Integration provides different ways of looking at the portfolio as a whole, to help the Office of the Chief Technologist and the Agency understand the current state of NASA's technology portfolio. Strategic Integration also does targeted analyses into specific technology areas to support budget planning and requests.

Technology Portfolio Tracking
Strategic Integration documents and tracks NASA's technology investments, comparing the portfolio against the strategic plan and working with stakeholders through NASA Technology Executive Council to make appropriate adjustments. Strategic Integration ensures that information about NASA's technology investments is openly available and accessible to the Agency. Strategic Integration encourages the use of NASA-developed technology in future NASA missions and supports NASA activities that document and communicate the societal impact of NASA technology investments.
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NASA Technology Councils
Strategic Integration performs an Agency-level technology coordination role to assist NASA in meeting mission requirements while filling technology gaps, anticipating future needs, and avoiding duplication of effort. To facilitate technology coordination, Strategic Integration manages the execution of the NASA Technology Executive Council  and Center Technology Council, both designed to ensure full-Agency participation in technology planning and decision-making activities.
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Technology Coordination and Assessment
Strategic Integration coordinates the technology needs of the NASA Mission Directorates and communicates with other Government agencies to identify opportunities for technology collaboration.
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