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NASA Space Technology Research Fellows – 2012 Class
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Student Host University Research Topic
Amos, Charles The University of Texas at Austin Surface Passivation of Lithium-Ion Electrodes: A Path to High-Performance Energy Storage
Bohren, Jonathan Johns Hopkins University Semi-Autonomous Telerobotic Manipulation for On-Orbit Spacecraft Servicing and Assembly over Time-Delayed Telemetry
Bunes, Benjamin University of Utah Dual Gate Field Effect Transistors as Electrical Sensors for Vapor-Phase Chemicals
Chen, Edward Columbia University On-chip Quantum Repeater in Diamond for Space-based Quantum Communication
Clevenson, Hannah Columbia University Diamond Electron-Spin Clocks For Space Navigation and Communication
DeFrancisco, Richard Stony Brook University GPGPU Parallel SPIN Model Checker
Eades, Michael The Ohio State University Space Molten Salt Reactors for More Capable and Sustainable Exploration
Eldridge, Schuyler Boston University Biologically-inspired Hardware for Land/Aerial Robots
Evans, Amberly Utah State University Space Plasma Environment Induced Luminescence of Materials on Space Based Observatories
Foil, Greydon Carnegie Mellon University Science Data Understanding for Autonomous Rover Exploration
Gibbs, Samuel Duke University Solarelastic Stability of Solar Sail Structures
Gonyea, Keir Georgia Institute of Technology Use of the Mars Atmosphere To Improve Performance of Supersonic Retropropulsion
Hava, Heather University of Colorado Boulder Improving Habitability, Mood & Diet through Bioregenerative Food Systems
Jones, Heather Carnegie Mellon University Complementary Flyover and Surface Exploration of Planetary Destinations Where 3D Detail Matters
Kendrick, Dustin Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit
Kher, Aditya California Institute of Technology Superconducting Nonlinear Kinetic Inductance Devices
Kintz, Andrew The Ohio State University Calibration of Satellite Antenna Arrays using Signals of Opportunity
Kline, Heather Stanford University Hypersonic Reusable Technologies for Access to Space
Kosztowny, Cyrus University of Michigan Unitized Textile Composite Stiffened Panels for Space Structures; Manufacturing, Characterization, Modeling, and Analysis
Kulesa, Anthony South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Thermal and Mechanical Optimization of Structural Thermal Insulation Composites
LaRue, Matthew The Ohio State University High Power Transmitter Technologies for Ultra Wideband Multi-Function RF Operation
Lenz, Olivia University of Washington Low Cost, Lightweight, FeS2-based Photovoltaic Devices by on Demand Ink Jet Printing
Lowitz, Amy University of Wisconsin-Madison Detectors for Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Lubey, Daniel University of Colorado Boulder An Estimation Algorithm for Detecting and Reconstructing Optimal Maneuvers from Measurement Residuals
Mandalia, Amit Georgia Institute of Technology Transpiration Cooling as a Thermal Protection System for Extreme Environment Atmospheric Entry
Marinan, Anne Massachusetts Institute of Technology CubeSat Deformable Mirror Demonstration
Massina, Christopher University of Colorado Boulder Characterization of Dynamic Thermal Control Schemes and Heat Transfer Pathways for Incorporating Variable Emissivity Electrochromic Materials into a Space Suit Heat Rejection System
McMorrow, Julian Northwestern University Integrating Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials and Molecular Dielectrics for Radiation-Hard Non-Volatile Memory
Miller, Mark University of Kentucky Experiments on the Combined Effects of Roughness and Momentum Injection on Turbulence over an Ablative Thermal Protection System
Munson, Charles University of Michigan Development of Multi-chroic Millimeter-wave Polarization Sensitive Detector Arrays
Olson, Corwin The University of Texas at Austin Modern Estimation Techniques and Optimal Maneuver Targeting for Autonomous Optical Navigation around Small Bodies
Paragano, Matthew Yale University New Technology for Gas Absorption
Pellouchoud, Lenson Stanford University Modeling of Complex Material Systems in Extreme Environments for Space Technology
Perna, Louis Massachusetts Institute of Technology Electrostatic and Electrochemical Optimization of Electrospray Thrusters
Rambo, Tim Northwestern University Implementing a Near-Optimal Optical Receiver for Inter-Planetary Communication
Rollins, Diandra Michigan State University Multifunctional Graphene Nanocomposite Foams for Space Applications
Rossman, Grant Georgia Institute of Technology Development and Validation of a Physics-Based Model for Deployable Hypersonic Decelerator Flexible Thermal Protection Systems
Shipley, Kevin Purdue University Computational and Experimental Investigation of Liquid Propellant Rocket Combustion Instability
Simon, Sara Princeton University Developing Polarization Sensitive Detectors for Cosmic Microwave Background Research
Slocum, Michael Rochester Institute of Technology Nanostructured Photovoltaics for Space Power
Song, Peter Georgia Institute of Technology High Frequency Silicon-Germanium MMIC Development for Next Generation Space-based Radars
Stuart, Jeffrey Purdue University A Hybrid Systems Strategy to Support Autonomous Spacecraft Trajectory Design and Optimization in Multiple Dynamical Regimes
Surovik, David University of Colorado Boulder Autonomous Phase-Space Mapping and Navigation for Spacecraft Operations in Extreme Orbital Environments
Szafir, Daniel University of Wisconsin-Madison Effective Human-Robot Collaborative Work for Critical Missions
Szczecinski, Nicholas Case Western Reserve University Development of Design Tools for the Optimization of Biologically Based Control Systems
Womac, Austin University of Tennessee A Circuit-Level Radiation Hardened-By-Design Approach for Standard CMOS
Zavada, Scott University of Michigan In Situ Polymerization Via Environmentally-borne Initiation Stimuli
Zirbel, Shannon Brigham Young University Compliant Space Mechanisms