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NASA Space Technology Research Fellows – 2011 Inaugural Class
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Student Host University Research Topic
Anzel, Paul California Institute of Technology Development of Nonlinear Phased Array Systems for Non-Destructive Evaluation and Structural Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures
Arnold, Heather Northwestern University Excitonics Based on Carbon Nanomaterials: A Pathway Toward Low-Power, High-Speed, and Radiation-Hard Computation
Ashman, Benjamin Wesley Purdue University Incorporation of GNSS Multipath to Improve Autonomous Rendezvous, Docking and Proximity Operations in Space
Bauer, Nicole Christine Georgia Institute of Technology Small Probes for Orbital Return of Experiments Mission Design
Bedsole, Robert Auburn University Characterization and Modeling of High-Strain Rate Failure Response of Nanocomposites
Berger, Kyle University of Colorado, Boulder Prediction of Regolith Ejection During Extraterrestrial Landings
Bopp, Matthew Georgia Institute of Technology Implementation and Assessment of a Time-Accurate Aeroelastic Model for Analysis of Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerators
Brinster, Irina Carnegie Mellon University Mission Trade Space Evaluation through Multiphysics Design and Optimization
Brown, Matthew University of Southern California Task Allocation Using Continuous Resource Distributed Markov Decision Processes
Bustamante, Michael University of Maryland Burning Rate Emulator Experiments for Spacecraft Fire Safety
Carpena, Jennifer University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras NEMS Oscillators as Sensors and Actuators: Understanding the Mechanical Properties of Nanoresonators and their Applications for Molecular Sensing
Chen, Qian Nataly University of Washington Hierarchical Oxide Nanostructures for High Performance Energy Storage
Clarke, Peter University of Texas at Austin A Novel Highly Efficient Scheme for the Boltzmann Equation
Coen, Christopher Georgia Institute of Technology Silicon-Germanium Front-End Electronics for Space-based Radar Applications
Coffman, Chase MIT Development of Multi-Modal, High-Density Electrospray Porous Metal Thrusters
Combs, Christopher University of Texas at Austin Quantitative Measurements of Ablation-Products Transport For Turbulence Model Validation
Cornell, Brett California Institute of Technology High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Detection using Phonon-Mediated Detection
Creech, Timothy Mattausch University of Maryland Automatic Parallelization of Serial Programs for NASA Space-Based Computing Systems
Ebersohn, Frans Hendrik Texas A&M University Study of Magnetic Nozzle Effects on Plasma Plumes
Edgar, Byron University of Minnesota Consistent Particle-Continuum Modeling and Simulation of Flows in Strong Thermochemical Nonequilibrium
Ferraro, Mark University of Texas at Austin Computational Design of Nanomaterials by Patten Replication
Grace, Emily Princeton University Detector Development for Polarization Studies of the Cosmic Microwave Background
Guerrant, Daniel Vernon University of Colorado, Boulder Performance Quantification of Solar Sail Heliogyros for Planetary and Interplanetary Missions Using Multi-scale Dynamics and Control Analysis
Handlin, Daniel MIT 3D Constitutive Relations for an Aligned Carbon Nanotube Polymer Nanocomposite as a Function of Morphology
Hartsough, Lucas William Marsh Rice University Synthetic Biology for Extraterrestrial In Situ Resource Utilization
Helson, Kyle Brown University Developing Instrumentation for Ground and Balloon-borne Observing Platforms
Herzberger, Jaemi Lee University of Maryland Next-generation Electronic Systems for Innovative New Space Technologies and for the Nation's Science, Exploration and Economic Future
Holschuh, Bradley MIT Development and Testing of Compression Technologies Using Advanced Materials for Mechanical Counter-Pressure Planetary Exploration Suits
Host, Nick The Ohio State University Development of Reconfigurable Ka-Band Antenna Array
Hovsepian, Sarah MIT Lifecycle Reusable Functional Digital Materials
Kan, Brandon Purdue University Valveless Detonation Concepts for Space Exploration
Kazemba, Cole Georgia Institute of Technology Dynamic Stability Characterization of Rigid Deployable Aerodynamic Decelerators
Kier, Zachary University of Michigan Model Failure of 3D Fiber Reinforced Foam Core Sandwich Structure with Defects Using a Multi-Scale Finite Element Method
Kjellberg, Henri Christian University of Texas at Austin Design and Demonstration of a Constrained Control System for Maneuverable CubeSats
Knittel, Jeremy University of Maryland Optimal Aerodynamic Forms for High-Lift, Low-Drag Planetary Entry
Komendera, Erik University of Colorado, Boulder Autonomous Assembly of Structures in Space
Kragh, Katherine Cora The Pennsylvania State University Robust Electrical Contacts for Sensors and Electronics in Space Flight
Lang, Maria University of Michigan Cathode Coupling Physics in a Hall Thruster
Lantukh, Demyan University of Texas at Austin Rapid Design and Navigation Tools to Enable Small-Body Missions
Larson, Daniel The Pennsylvania State University Development and Characterization of Fast Burning Solid Fuels/Propellants for Hybrid Rocket Motors with High Volumetric Efficiency
Lee, Brian Colorado State University Laser Diagnostics for Hall Thruster Erosion
Macner, Ashley Marie Cornell University Interfacial Instability in Two-Phase Flow: Manipulating Coalescence and Condensation
Meeker, Seth Richard University of California, Santa Barbara Coronagraphic Planet Finding with Energy Resolving Detectors
Michal, Brian Case Western Reserve University Multi-Functional Stimuli-Responsive Materials
Miller, Sarah Michelle Northwestern University Tailorable Porous Ceramics via Freeze Casting
Minogue, Ethan Carnegie Mellon University Avionics for Hibernation and Recovery on Planetary Surfaces
Morgan, Daniel University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Dynamics and Controls of Swarms of Femtosatellites
Morgan, Kelsey University of Wisconsin, Madison Developing Transition Edge Sensors For New Space-Based Applications
Mueterthies, Michael James Purdue University Magnetically Actuated Six Degree of Freedom Spacecraft Control Using Magnetic Torque Coils and Short Electrodynamic Tethers
Muri, Paul Daniel University of Florida Disruptive Tolerant Networking for Distributed Small Satellite Systems
Padial, Jose Stanford University Robust Sensing for Rendezvous and Docking: Fusion of Vision and LIDAR in a SLAM Framework
Pathak, Mihir Georgia Institute of Technology Two-Stage, 20 K Pulse Tube Cryocooler for Space Studies
Pavlak, Thomas Purdue University Mission Design and Orbit Maintenance Strategies in the Earth-Moon System
Pong, Christopher Masaru MIT Small Satellite Attitude Determination and Control
Popa, Adriana Case Western Reserve University Development of Magnetic-Plasmonic Nanoparticle Sensors for the Apprehension, Removal and Treatment (ART) of Microbial Contamination in Water
Powell, Dane William Marsh Rice University Human-in-the-loop Control of a Bipedal Robot with Variable Levels of Autonomy
Putnam, Zachary Georgia Institute of Technology Guidance and Control for Entry Vehicles with Deployable Hypersonic Decelerators
Quinlan, Jesse University of Virginia Unsteady Simulation of Dual-Mode Transition Flows Using a Hybrid LES/RANS Approach with Improved Sub-Grid Scale Models
Reinhardt, Benjamin Zaaron Cornell University Control of Resident Space Objects through Eddy-Current Actuation
Reinke, Benjamin Tyler The Ohio State University Characterization and Modeling of Neutron and Gamma-Ray Radiation Damage in Silicon Carbide Semi-Conductor Materials and Silica Optical Fibers at Cryogenic Temperature
Ruffatto, Donald Illinois Institute of Technology Design of Electrostatic Directional Dry Adhesives for Robotic Attachment Mechanisms
Scammell, Alex University of Maryland Fundamentals of Gravity and Tube Size Effects on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer
Schmitt, Benjamin Louis University of Pennsylvania Development of Millimeter Imaging Technologies
Sekerak, Michael James University of Michigan Investigation of Transient Plasma Processes of Field-Reverse Configuration Thrusters
Smith, Brandon Denis University of Michigan Computational Modeling of Hall Thruster Erosion
Smith, Matthew William MIT A Compact, High-Precision Optical Payload enabling Earth-Sized Exoplanet Detection using Nanosatellites
Spak, Kaitlin Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University Modeling Cable-Harness Effects on Spacecraft Structures
Stern, Eric University of Minnesota High-Fidelity Modeling of Ablation and Coupled CFD-Material Response
Stevenson, Daan University of Colorado, Boulder Reduced Order Electrostatic Force Field Modeling of 3D Spacecraft Shapes
Stewart, Kyle The Ohio State University Advancing Radar Technologies for Space Exploration
Tietz, Brian Case Western Reserve University Sensory Integration and Decision Making Based on Insect Brain Model
Tomboulian, Briana University of Massachusetts, Amherst Lightweight, Damage-Tolerant Radiator for In-Space Power and Propulsion
Trumbauer, Eric University of California, Irvine Automated Trajectory Design using Resonant Dynamics
Vitucci, John Joseph University of Maryland Development of a Superconducting Helicon Thruster
Webb, Taylor Brigham Young University Ku Band Phased Array Feed Development for Surface Water Ocean Topography Mission
Wicks, Sunny MIT Nano-Engineered Hierarchical Advanced Composite Materials for Space Applications
Wierman, Matthew Kenneth Purdue University Measurement of Combustion Response to Transverse Modes at High Pressure
Winkler, Justin University of Rochester Room-Temperature Single-Photon Source for Secure Quantum Communication
Zaseck, Chris Purdue University Development of High Performance Hybrid Fuels
Zimmerman, Jonah Stanford University Modeling Propellant Tank Dynamics