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Media Contacts

For NASA media support regarding Centennial Challenges, please contact:

Janet Anderson
Marshall Space Flight Center
Phone: 256-544-0034

Past Centennial Challenges

  • image of power beaming

    Power Beaming

    This challenge is a practical demonstration of wireless power transmission.

  • image of a tether

    Strong Tether

    This is a challenge in materials engineering in which the tether provided by each team is subjected to a pull test.

  • Taurus G4 image

    Green Flight

    The Green Flight Challenge is for super-efficient, quiet, and safe aircraft that can average at least 100 mph on a 200-mile flight while achieving an efficiency equivalent to at least 200 passenger miles per gallon.

  • image of Regolith Excavation

    Regolith Excavation

    In this challenge, teams designed and built robotic machines to excavate simulated lunar soil (regolith).

  • image of lunar lander

    Lunar Lander

    The Lunar Lander Challenge involved building and flying a rocket-powered vehicle that simulates the flight of a vehicle on the Moon.

  • image of an astronaut glove

    Astronaut Glove

    The Astronaut Glove Challenge seeked improvements to glove design that reduce the effort needed to perform tasks in space and improve the durability of the glove.

  • lunar soil


    In this challenge, teams were required to generate breathable oxygen from simulated lunar soil.

Mission Overview

    The Centennial Challenges seek to:
    • Drive progress in aerospace technology of value to NASA's missions
    • Encourage the participation of independent teams, individual inventors, student groups and private companies of all sizes in aerospace research and development
    • Find the most innovative solutions to technical challenges through competition and cooperation

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