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Edison Demonstration of Smallsat Networks (EDSN)
1.5U-sized CubeSats
1.5U-sized CubeSats
Flight demonstration of a swarm of eight, 1.5U-sized CubeSats simultaneously deployed into a loose swarm in low Earth orbit. The development phase will be completed in less than two years, with launch planned in mid-2013 for a 60-day operations phase. EDSN will host a competitively procured scientific instrument aimed at distributed, multipoint space weather measurements.

  • Determine the utility of large swarms or constellations of small spacecraft
  • Lower the unit cost and shorten the development schedule for future small spacecraft
  • Enable the creation of new spacecraft applications
Anticipated Benefits

Advanced, yet affordable, consumer electronics-based nanosatellites that enable a wide array of future scientific, commercial, and academic applications.