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Office of the Chief Technologist

NASA's Chief Technologist serves as the NASA Administrator's principal advisor and advocate on matters concerning agency-wide technology policy and programs. The Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT) is responsible for the coordination and tracking of all technology investments across the agency. The office also serves as the NASA technology point of entry and contact with other government agencies, academia and the commercial aerospace community. The office is responsible for developing and executing innovative technology partnerships, technology transfer and commercial activities and the development of collaboration models for NASA.

OCT will provide a technology and innovation focus for NASA through the following goals and responsibilities:

• Principal NASA advisor and advocate on matters concerning Agency-wide technology policy and programs.
• Up and out advocacy for NASA research and technology programs. Communication and integration with other Agency technology efforts
• Coordination of technology investments across the Agency, including the mission-focused investments made by the NASA mission directorates. Perform strategic technology integration.
• Change culture towards creativity and innovation at NASA Centers, particularly in regard to workforce development.
• Document/demonstrate/communicate societal impact of NASA technology investments.
• Lead technology transfer and commercialization opportunities across Agency.

OCT will promote the technology development activities within NASA's Mission Directorates, leveraging synergies between them, and delivering forward-reaching technology solutions for future NASA science and exploration missions, and significant national needs.

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