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John Hines, Center Chief Technologist, Ames Research Center
photo of John Hines, ARCJohn Hines
John Hines is the Chief Technologist for the NASA Ames Research Center (ARC), and as such identifies, defines, develops, and integrates transformational space technologies for application to NASA Agency and national goals and objectives through the NASA Ames Office of the Center Director, the NASA Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT), Agency Mission Directorates, and external collaborators and partners. John collaborates with multidisciplinary teams of scientists, technologists, and engineers, crossing several research disciplines within the Ames Research Center, NASA, and both intramural and extramural programs focusing on new space technology initiatives. A major thrust is to facilitate and stimulate ARC technology expertise and resources to address and focus attention to the Agency Strategic Goals and Grand Challenges, and Space Technology Roadmap areas. Specific ongoing ARC technology initiatives include: Biological Technologies for Life Beyond Low Earth Orbit, Small Spacecraft and Missions Enterprise, Science Instruments for Small Missions, Advanced Digital Materials and Manufacturing for Space, Designing High Confidence Software Systems, and Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling and Analysis. Planned future technology initiatives include: First Responder, Emergency and Disaster Assistance; Emerging Aeronautics Systems and Technologies; and Technologies for Sustainability.

Prior to assuming the position as ARC Chief Technologist, John was Chief Technologist in the ARC Engineering Directorate. In that capacity and prior functions, John directed the design, development, test and evaluation of space systems and technology development, biological, biomedical, biosensor and bioinstrumentation technologies from conception to feasibility and prototype hardware development. From 2002 until June 2009 John was the Principal Investigator/Project Director for the Non-Contact Biosensors and in-situ Bioanalytical Systems tasks for the Exploration Medical Capabilities Program Element of the Human Research Program. From 2002-2004 John was the Agency Manager for the Biomolecular Physics and Chemistry Program, a collaborative technology program between NASA and the National Cancer Institute, which sought to advance the state of the art in Biomolecular Systems Research, as applied to NCI and NASA interests.

John has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University, and a MS in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, and has over 35 years of combined NASA and Air Force experience in biological and biomedical technology development, satellite/spaceflight hardware development, electronic systems engineering, program/project management, advanced technology assessment and development, and program advocacy. John’s personal interests include reading, listening to jazz, golf, and his condo in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.