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ICAM Modernization Project Slated for FY2013
By Kim Edmondson, MSFC

NASA’s Oracle Sun Product Suite consists of the Identity Manager, Access Manager, and Sun One Directory. The suite currently provides all of NASA with Identity Management and Account Exchange (IdMAX) workflows for Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM), eAuthentication for access of applications and the Launchpad for user profiles, and the NASA Enterprise Directory (NED). NASA’s future ICAM capabilities, be it operations and maintenance or required enhancements, are dependent on continued product support. NASA’s current premier support contract with Oracle for the Sun Product Suite will end in 2014.

The ICAM Working Group, led jointly by NASA’s Office of Protective Services and Office of the Chief Information Officer, has determined that it is time for the Sun Product Suite to be replaced. The replacement suite will provide NASA with the following:

  • Alignment with the Federal ICAM Roadmap (M-04-04, M-05-24, M-11-11). This alignment has a 5-year window for compliance; NASA has developed an ICAM 5-year plan in order to reach this requirement. The Sun Product Suite replacement is one aspect of
    NASA’s plan.
  • Innovative technologies that reduce the total cost of ownership, specifically operational costs.
  • Cutting-edge technology for long-term infrastructure.
  • Improved user experience.

ICAM Modernization Project
The NASA Enterprise Application Competency Center (NEACC) provides the internal operational and enhancement services of the Sun Product Suite for NASA. The NEACC has been tasked by the ICAM Working Group to begin preparation activities for the ICAM Modernization Project, which is a high priority for the Agency.

The NEACC’s Sharon Ing, ICAM Modernization Project Manager says “the project’s main objectives during the formulation phase will be to define NASA’s requirements and select the Sun Product Suite replacement product by the end of fiscal year 2012.” The implementation phase will begin fiscal year 2013 with a targeted completion prior to the end of that fiscal year. Implementation will include installation and configuration of the replacement architecture, migration of system integrations, and migration of business process workflow and data. Ing said, “Center representatives will be required to participate in the project via design reviews and user acceptance tests.”

End-User Experience
End users will have an improved experience using a Web 2.0 user interface that allows pop-up screens for ease of use. “The look and feel will be different than today, and it will be more of a mobile solution with an anytime, anywhere capability for some services. To get prepared for this future change, end users need to be attentive to communications that the project should begin distributing early Spring 2013,” said Ing.

Look for NEACC’s “About Us” on https://bReady.nasa.gov in the months to come for more details on this new NASA project. For more information about ICAM services,check out https://icam.nasa.gov.