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Goddard—Workforce of the Future
By Danielle Moore, Communications Lead, Information Technology and Communications Directorate/CIO, GSFC

For more than 50 years, the Goddard Space Flight Center has held a position of preeminence as a major laboratory for developing and operating unmanned scientific spacecraft. Our expertise in this realm is unparalleled; nevertheless, it is a seasoned workforce where the landscape around us is changing. To maintain our competitive advantage in this emerging environment, we must work together to strengthen the strategic business capabilities that give the Center its unique edge.

In the past, Goddard has made numerous contributions to the scientific community. From supporting our race to the moon expedition to gathering data from space from the Hubble Telescope, Goddard has provided an infrastructure and workforce that has been able to support the overall mission of NASA. However, as time moves on, the need for restructuring and updating our workforce has become a big challenge for the Center. With new advances in technology, such as Cloud Computing and ability to share massive amounts of data, we are faced with challenges of how to integrate these new technologies into Goddard's mission. These challenges can be handled appropriately as younger generations come into Goddard with new ideas and fresh minds that can tackle these advancements in technology. However, with this new generation comes another task. How do we integrate, these young, well-educated, highly motivated, but inexperienced individuals into a complex environment such as Goddard?

Committees such as New & Developing Professionals (NDP) Advisory Committee have been established to help transition younger generations into the Goddard Space Flight Center. Younger generations may have highly-innovative ideas to help bring Goddard into a more futuristic age, but we need more involvement in committees like NDP to help enhance the sharing of knowledge between new and experienced employees so that the younger generation will be more forthcoming with their ideas. Bringing new and innovative ideas into Goddard will continue to help Goddard grow and attract more young and knowledgeable students to build our workforce for tomorrow.