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2011 IT Summit Presentations

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Date (Y/M/D) Title Track Speaker
11/08/26 Stellar Stars: Reflections of a Center CIO

CIOs Speak

James Williams
11/08/26 S      P      A       C      E
Structures, Propulsion, And Control Engineering Center
Space Center Director Helen Ryaciotaki-Boussalis
11/08/26 Experience by Design

Customer Experience

Mark Gunn
11/08/26 The Future of Data Mining and Advanced Analytics
in the context of “Watson”
Waves of the Future Anand Paul
11/08/26 Monsters in the Closet – A Case Study of Internal Social Media Implementation at Marshall Space Flight Center


Bernadette Buzzell

11/08/26 The IT CTO Council Panel – NASA IT Summit 2011 Innovation

Burton L. Bright

11/08/26 The IT CTO Council Panel – NASA IT Summit 2011 Innovation

Ray O'Brien

11/08/26 The IT CTO Council Panel – NASA IT Summit 2011 Innovation

James B. McClellan

11/08/26 The IT CTO Council Panel – NASA IT Summit 2011 Innovation

Tom Soderstrom

11/08/26 The IT CTO Council  Panel – NASA IT Summit 2011 Innovation

Ed McLarney

11/08/26 Government Transparency: Cross-cutting Business Use Cases for Cloud Computing

Open Government and Transparency

Richard L. Klobuchar
11/08/26 Agile Teaming Concepts for and from the Facebook Generation Tomorrow's Workforce

Neil Rodgers

11/08/26 Addressing Email Security Holistically

IT Security

Jeff Lake

11/08/26 Stellar Stars – Reflections of a Center CIO CIOs Speak

Mike Bolger (KSC) and Kelly Carter (HQ)

11/08/26 Leveraging Open Government Tactics to Drive Innovation Within the Mission of NASA

Open Government and Transparency

Jenn Gustetic
11/08/26 Fly Girl - Waves of the Future Waves of the Future Vernice Armour
11/08/26 Amazon Web Services: A New World of Exploration


Andy Jassy

11/08/26 NASA Headquarters (HQ) – Innovation Ecosystem


Jill A-C Hardash
11/08/26 STEM Education: Students, Teachers, Enjoying (Every) Moment Education Lori Bradner
11/08/26 Becoming a Social Organization: Taking a Strategic Approach to Social Media Waves of the Future

Anthony J. Bradley

11/08/26 Business Driven Enterprise Architecture Assessment Methodology Infrastructure & Operations

Josh Arceneaux

11/08/26 It's Cool, ...but Does it Work? Customer Experience

Barbara Henry / Jeff Preston

11/08/26 Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) Infrastructure & Operations

Saurabh Baveja

11/08/26 Transparency in the 24 Hour News Cycle

Open Government and Transparency

Ron Berry

11/08/26 A Proposal to Archive Shuttle Records in the Cloud

Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Tracy Bierman

11/08/26 NASA Supercomputing and Its Impact on Agency Missions Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering Rupak Biswas
11/08/26 Introduction to Web Application Security IT Security Rex Booth
11/08/26 Value-based Decision-making – Improving Decision Intelligence for Faster, Smarter Execution Collaboration

Joseph Bradley

11/08/26 Effective Network Security in a Dynamic World IT Security Jason Brvenik
11/08/26 Remote Engagement For The Win!


Wayne Moses Burkeand Lucas Cioffi

11/08/26 NASA Cyber Security Strategy IT Security

Valarie J. Burks

11/08/26 How Federal CIOs Advise, Lead & Influence

CIOs Speak

Mike Carleton

11/08/26 Libraries on the Go Mobile Websites and Apps Collaboration

Dudee Chiang and Alexander Smith

11/08/26 Bridging Industry Best Practices in Project Management and Safety Assurance to Academic Propulsion Research Education

Ahsan Choidhuri, Ph.D.

11/08/26 Technology Trends Today IT Security Nicklous Combs
11/08/26 Communications Services Infrastructure & Operations

Beth Paschall

11/08/26 Reflections of a Center CIO CIOs Speak

Dinna Cottrell

11/08/26 I3P and the Transformation of NASA IT Service Delivery Infrastructure & Operations

Gary Cox

11/08/26 Outcome Centric Cloud Computing

Infrastructure & Operations

Dr. Chung-Sheng Li
11/08/26 Social Networking and Collaboration at JPL Collaboration Luke Dahl
11/08/26 Cloud Security in the Federal Sector:FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program)

IT Security

Orus Dearman
11/08/26 21st Century Libraries


Robin M. Dixon

11/08/26 “Workshops Without Walls” Integrating Technology, Organizations and People to Advance NASA Science Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Estelle Dodson and Marco Boldt

11/08/26 Data Visualization and High Speed Research Networks for Space Exploration Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering Estelle Dodson and Ratko Jagodic
11/08/26 OCIO Excellence in Student Research: Reaching out with Game Design Education

Katelyn Doran

11/08/26 Lowering the Cost of Mission Operations: JPL's Mission Infrastructure Service Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering Robin Dumas
11/08/26 Enterprise Applications Services Infrastructure & Operations

Erna Giles Beverly

11/08/26 The Future of Mobility at NASA CIOs Speak Larry Sweet
11/08/26 A Report from the Field: Implementing Cyber Security Metrics that Work IT Security

Rick Grandy & Gregg Serene

11/08/26 Strategic Computing Strategy for Goddard Space Flight Center CIOs Speak Adrian Gardner
11/08/26 OCAMS
Orbital Communications Adapter (OCA) Management System
Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering Tim Hall
11/08/26 Understanding E-mail and Web Security IT Security

Richard Hammer

11/08/26 Science Data in the Science Mission Directorate (SMD) Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Jeffrey J.E. Hayes

11/08/26 The Cloud, Infrastructure & Operations

Douglas S. Hughes

11/08/26 Evolution to the cloud- the role in NASA's network Infrastructure & Operations

Chris Janson

11/08/26 Delivering Customer Service Customer Experience

Dr. Jean-Marie Jean-Pierre

11/08/26 OSSI: An Innovative Solution to Support the STEM Workforce of Tomorrow Education

Darla J. Jones

11/08/26 NASA's IPv6 Implementation: Now is the time! Infrastructure & Operations

Kevin L. Jones

11/08/26 Unified Search and Information Integration for the ISS Mission Control Center Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Richard Keller

11/08/26 For Example… Waves of the Future Scott Klemmer
11/08/26 Making IT Better at Genentech Innovation

Monica Kumar

11/08/26 Transforming Desktop Management with Virtualization Innovation Monica Lam
11/08/26 Workforce Opportunity Services Tomorrow's Workforce

Dr. Arthur Langer

11/08/26 Advancing Science at NASA through Cloud Computing: Examples from Nebula Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Dr. Tsengdar Lee

11/08/26 Anatomy of Ownage: The painful lessons learned by others IT Security Matt Linton
11/08/26 IT and IM: Promises and Pitfalls Collaboration Greta Lowe
11/08/26 Sciences and Exploration Directorate's Virtual Machine Environment Innovation

Phillip A. Newman

11/08/26 Embracing Community Open Source Development Open Government and Transparency

Ray O'Brien

11/08/26 Bringing IT All Together CIOs Speak

Jim Rinaldi

11/08/26 NASA Langley Research Center
Thoughts of a new CIO
CIOs Speak

Jeff Seaton

11/08/26 Approach to Secure IP Platforms Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Clarence Pape

11/08/26 Best moves to surf a virtual future Waves of the Future Max Peterson
11/08/26 Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering

Karen Petraska

11/08/26 Computing Needs Assessment:
Methodology and Practice
Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering Karen Petraska
11/08/26 Consumer Driven IT Waves of the Future

Gabriel Rangel

11/08/26 Beyond the Pervasive Cloud: Lessons and the Future Collaboration

Khawaja Shams

11/08/26 Reducing False-Positives and False-Negatives in Security Event Data Using Context IT Security

Derek G. Shaw

11/08/26 Making IT Accessible: Section 508 Overview Customer Experience

Betsy Sirk

11/08/26 Open Government: Inspire, Educate and Innovate Open Government and Transparency Nick Skytland
11/08/26 Blazing New Trails:
Creating value through the intersection of Inclusion, Collaboration and Technology
CIOs Speak Shari Slate
11/08/26 From Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks:
The Art of Storytelling
Organizational Communication Mary Smaragdis
11/08/26 Preparing For Enterprise Mobile Apps Infrastructure & Operations Norman Smith
11/08/26 Informal Education in the Space Age Education Anita M. Sohus
11/08/26 Look Before you JUMP:
The Trials and Triumphs of Implementing
Standard Software Development Processes
Organizational Communication Michael Stefanini
11/08/26 A Distributed Networked Capability for Simulations of Current Day and NextGen Airspace Environments Education

Thomas Z. Strybel

11/08/26 Open Collaboration: The Power of “We” Innovation Tamra Hall
11/08/26 The High End Computing Capability Project:
Excellence at the Leading Edge of Computing
Infrastructure & Operations William Thigpen
11/08/26 The Future of Work & Leadership:
Managing & Engaging Tomorrow's Diverse and Global Workforce
Tomorrow's Workforce Analisa Balares
11/08/26 How to Out-Fox the Innovation Police Waves of the Future Warren Robinett
11/08/26 NASA Diversity and Inclusion Framework: The Role of IT Waves of the Future

Brenda R. Manuel

11/08/26 IT is About The Mission CIOs Speak Randy Humphries
11/08/26 Using IT Automation to Support International Space Station (ISS) Daily Mission Operations/OCAMS Orbital Communications Adapter (OCA) Management System Mission IT Supporting Science & Engineering Timothy Hall