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IT Summit 2011 Award Winners

The OCIO is proud to announce this year's award winners. The applications for these award winners were reviewed by independent evaluators both internal and external to NASA.

OCIO Excellence in LeadershipRecognizes an OCIO Civil Servant who has demonstrated foresight in leadership as well as modeled transformational leadership qualities at NASA. Lula Wright
OCIO Excellence in IT Security Acknowledges a NASA Civil Servant who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to the advancement of information security.Linda Pattison
OCIO Excellence in Customer Service Acknowledges an OCIO Civil Servant or Contractor who embodies a 'customer obsessed' attitude.Whitney Haggins
OCIO Excellence in Innovation Recognizes NASA Civil Servants for breaking with conventional processes and going beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services to help the NASA community prosper.Michael Crnkovic
OCIO Advancement in Infrastructure or Cost Savings Recognizes a NASA Civil Servant who has demonstrated either identified and carried out a significant Information Technology cost savings to NASA or has pioneered a creative modernization effort that affects the IT Infrastructure. Daniel Duffy
OCIO Excellence in Teaching Recognizes K-12 educators for the innovative use of technology within their curriculum. Lori Beth Bradner
OCIO Student Innovator Recognizes undergraduate/graduate students for their use of technology in inspiring the K-12 and peer community through NASA-related outreach activities and educational interactions. (Student Ambassador Program - replenishing the STEM population) Katelyn Doran
OCIO Faculty Research Award Recognizes University Faculty Members using innovation in their NASA-related research. Dr. Helen Ryaciotaki-Boussalis

Excellence in Team Achievement

  Tomas Soderstrom
Jonathan Chiang
Khawaja Shams
Matthew Derenski
Paul Averill
Douglas Hughes
Brian Wood
Thuy Tran
Stephen O’Hearn