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Financial Management Policy
June 10, 2014

In conjunction with the issuance of NASA Policy Directive (NPD) 9010.2, "Financial Management", all Financial Management Requirements (FMRs) have been converted to NASA Procedural Requirements (NPRs) and are accessible from the NASA Online Directives Information System (NODIS) Document Library at http://nodis3.gsfc.nasa.gov/lib_docs.cfm?range=9[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7]__

These NPRs constitute the Agency's financial policies. Areas covered range from budget formulation and execution to internal controls to accounting. These NPRs are the policy component of the financial management guidance structure provided to NASA stakeholders.

NASA is enhancing its financial management guidance by working to provide a central repository for NASA financial management policies, procedures and systems instructions.

This involves integrating federal financial laws and regulations with NASA's execution of those laws and regulations, operational procedures supporting NASA's execution and integrated financial management transactional level systems instructions supporting those policies and procedures.

This guidance structure is designed to provide resources to assist NASA's financial management community in their day-to-day activities, promote consistency among financial policies, processes, procedures, data management and systems instructions and improve communication with NASA stakeholders.

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NPR/FMR Conversion tables 
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