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NASA's Strategic Planning and Performance
Strategic planning is crucial to organizing the diverse NASA family into One NASA. NASA's strategic planning and performance efforts are organized under the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), ensuring that strategic planning is intimately linked with budget execution. The Strategic Planning Council, a top-level team chaired by the Administrator, develops the Agency-level multi-year plans and roadmaps, which are further developed by NASA's Mission Directorates and Mission Support offices. The strategic planning team within the Office of the CFO then turns these plans and roadmaps into NASA's Strategic Plan. The Plan, released every three years or to reflect organizational transformation, defines NASA's approach to achieving our Vision and Mission, the principles that support and drive NASA's research and development activities. Although the Strategic Plan is a government-mandated document sent to the Office of Management and Budget and Congress, it is also a public outreach document, communicating NASA's plans for exploring the unknown and creating greater awareness of our home in the universe.

The Office of the CFO also produces other planning documents that support the objectives and goals laid out in the Strategic Plan. Long-term and annual performance measures are further defined in NASA's annual Performance Plan included with the Budget Estimates. The Budget Estimates presents NASA's fiscal year budget request by Mission areas (formerly Enterprises) and Themes, with accompanying explanations of purpose, accomplishments, and performance measures. Together, the Performance Plan and Budget Estimates present how NASA will achieve the Strategic Plan. Finally, the Office of the CFO produces the Performance and Accountability Report, a review of NASA's achievements and challenges over the past fiscal year. The PAR addresses how well NASA met the short-term goals set in the Performance Plan, highlights strides made toward long-term objectives, and assesses the Agency’s financial and management health.

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