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The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for preparing NASA’s annual fiscal year budget request, which is delivered to Congress and the Office of Management and Budget on the first business day of February. Entitled Budget Estimates , this document presents the request in full cost (since the FY04 request) for the next fiscal year by appropriation accounts (e.g., Exploration, Science, and Aeronautics and Exploration Capabilities) and the programs that enable those accounts. This means that institutional activities, such as personnel and facilities, are included in each program’s budget. The program management, with the assistance of CFO analysts, create write-ups that provide a performance framework for the request, including accomplishments from the past fiscal year, goals and objectives, risks and mitigation efforts, the program’s relevance to the Nation, technical commitments, and a schedule for major milestones. Budget Estimates also presents the Performance Plan, the document that details how NASA will achieve the goals and objectives presented in the Strategic Plan for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Budget Estimates is part of a trio of documents (all produced by the Office of the CFO) that form NASA’s strategic planning and performance base. The Strategic Plan defines our plans for exploration and discovery and presents our benefits to the American public and the world. It lays out NASA’s Vision and Mission, as well as its near- and long-term goals and objectives. Next in line comes the Budget Estimates and Performance Plan. The Performance and Accountability Report then reports on NASA’s progress toward achieving NASA’s financial and mission goals during the past fiscal year.

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