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NASA's Performance and Accountability Report
NASA's Performance and Accountability Report (PAR), is a detailed, annual retrospective of the Agency's performance toward achieving its annual goals and long-term objectives for its programs, management, and budget. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer produces the PAR in collaboration with program and support offices throughout NASA. While the PAR was created to meet government reporting requirements (including the Government Performance and Results Act, the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, and the Federal Financial Management Improvement Act of 1996), it is also a showcase for NASA's achievements and is written as a public outreach document.

The PAR is divided into three major sections:

Part 1 -- Management Discussion and Analysis. Part 1 presents a snapshot of NASA's achievements during the fiscal year for its Mission areas, focusing on the tools, capabilities, and perspectives that make NASA the Nation's premier research and development agency for aeronautics and space. Part 1 also addresses financial and management activities, including NASA's response to challenges and high-risk areas identified by NASA and outside bodies such as OMB and the Government Accountability Office (GAO), and the Agency's progress on implementing the President's Management Agenda.

Part 2 -- Detailed Performance Data. Part 2 provides detailed information on NASA's progress toward achieving specific milestones and goals, as defined in its Strategic Plan and, in further detail, the Performance Plan for that fiscal year. When specific goals have not been met during the fiscal year, Part 2 also provides the actions that NASA is taking to achieve the goal in the future.

Part 3 -- Financial Information. Part 3 features financial statements and an audit of these statements by independent accountants, in accordance with government auditing standards.

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