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Policy and Guidance
> Keith Boadway, NASA LaRC: Tailoring NASA Requirements to Fit the Project

> Daniel Dumbacher, NASA HQ: Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit

> Kathleen Gallagher, NASA HQ: GAO Quick Look Book

> John Lyver IV, NASA HQ: Early Integration of SMA Requirements in New Projects

> S. John Newman, ARES Corporation: Program Cancellations: Failure Modes and Lessons Learned

> James Ortiz, NASA HQ and Mike Blythe, NASA JSC: NPR 7120.5E PM and SRB Handbooks - The Bridge Between Policy and Implementation

> Heather Rarick, NASA JSC: NASA Software Engineering Benchmarking Effort

> Sandra Smalley, NASA HQ, Lara Petze, NASA HQ and Ellen Stigberg, NASA HQ: NASA Program and Project Management Policy - What's New

> Robert Woods, NASA HQ and Arthur Lee Edwards, Dell PerotSystems: NASA's Baseline Performance Review - BPR

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