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Mr. Frank “Cepi” Cepollina, Associate Director for the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Project, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Picture of Frank Cepollina Mr. Frank “Cepi” Cepollina serves as Associate Director for the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Project at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.  Known as the "Father of On-Orbit Servicing," Mr. Cepollina's exceptional leadership has generated many of the groundbreaking concepts, designs and procedures that have kept the Hubble Space Telescope at the cutting edge of technology throughout its long lifespan.  Always an innovator, he established the architecture for NASA's first serviceable Multi-Mission Modular Spacecraft, which indelibly improved the way that space missions are conceptualized and executed.  In addition to leading the Satellite Servicing Project and the Solar Maximum Repair Mission - NASA's first on-orbit repair mission - he also headed the historic 1993 effort that corrected Hubble's blurred vision. 

Mr. Cepollina and his team completed three more servicing and upgrading missions to Hubble in 1997, 1999, and 2002, and demonstrated new Hubble technology aboard STS-95 ("the John Glenn Mission") in 1998.  His last Hubble servicing mission, STS-125, was successfully completed in May 2009.

Mr. Cepollina’s work has led to important medical, manufacturing, and educational spin-offs.  These include a Hubble Space Telescope instrument Charge Coupled Device (CCD) now used for breast cancer detection; an intelligent, programmable, hand-held power tool developed for servicing Hubble that is now finding manufacturing applications; and highly sophisticated, precision Hubble-type optics being employed to produce smaller, denser, faster computer chips.

Mr. Cepollina graduated from University of Santa Clara in 1959 with a B.S. in mechanical engineering.  Among his many accolades, in 1985 he received a NASA Exceptional Achievement Award for leading the Solar Maximum Repair Mission.  For his outstanding leadership of the 1993 servicing mission to correct Hubble’s vision, he was awarded a NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal, as well as the prestigious 1994 National Space Club Eagle Manned Mission Success Award.  In recognition of his sustained, superior accomplishments in managing NASA programs, in 2000 the President of the United States conferred upon him the rank of Meritorious Executive in Senior Executive Service.  For his visionary work in modular spacecraft design and satellite servicing, in 2003 Mr. Cepollina was inducted to the exclusive National Inventors Hall of Fame, which includes other pioneers such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers.  In 2005, he received the prestigious Space Logistics Medal from SOLE-The International Society of Logistics for exceptional vision and leadership in space logistics.