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2012 Presentations
Date (M/D/Y)TitleTrackSpeaker
02/22/12Let's Talk Turkey about Statement of Work (SOW) Back to PM Basics Mushkin
02/22/12 7-Step Project Management ProcessBack to PM Basics Marinaro
02/22/12 SAME CREW... NEW RIDEBack to PM Basics Scott/ Cowart/ McPhillips
02/22/12 Sinking the Unsinkable: Basic Lessons for Project LeadershipBack to PM Basics Ribeiro
02/22/12 Triple Your Chances of Project SuccessBack to PM Basics Wheatcraft
02/23/12 Managing Small Spacecraft Projects: Less is Not EasierBusiness and Budgeting Barley/ Newhouse
02/23/12 Resource Management: Technical vs. Financial; Making the Connection Business and Budgeting Starling/ Butler
02/23/12 Mission Resource/Capability Analyzer: Estimating Multi-Mission Service CostBusiness and Budgeting Newhouse
02/23/12 How the Budget Control Act of 2011 Affects NASABusiness and Budgeting Cameron
02/22/12 Lessons from the Challenger Launch Decision (No presentation available) Case Studies Rogers
02/22/12 The World's Largest Laser: The National Ignition Facility (No presentation available)Case Studies Kohut
02/22/12 DART: A Risk Management Case Study Case Studies Newman
02/22/12 Do We Ever Learn? (No presentation available)Case Studies Rogers/ Scolese
02/22/12 Wikis at NASA PanelCase Studies Rober/ Stephenson
02/22/12Assessing Project Alternatives Through Trade-Off Analyses Complex Projects Punch
02/22/12Managing GRAIL: Launching on Cost, on Schedule, and on SpecComplex Projects Taylor
02/22/12Right Sizing Your Project/Program Design Review PlanComplex Projects Byers/ Armstrong
02/22/12Contracting for Effective Collaborations in Complex ProjectsComplex Projects Ackroyd
02/22/12 Estimation & Planning Processes Decide Project Success Cost Estimating Galorath
02/22/12Phase E Cost Growth StudyCost Estimating Bitten/ Hayhurst/ Emmons/ Freaner
02/22/12Psychological Impacts on Judgement in Cost EstimationCost Estimating Garner/ Chmielewski
02/22/12Panning for Gold in Historical Operations RecordsCost Estimating Ingoldsby
02/22/12Estimating Facilites is Easy...Cost Estimating Butts
02/23/12 NASA Earned Value Management (EVM) Update Earned Value Management Kerby
02/23/12 Earned Value Analysis: Making It Work Earned Value Management Lukas
02/23/12 Low Cost Earned Value Management System (EVM) ImplementationEarned Value Management Mahmood/ Porter
02/23/12 EVMS Self-Evaluation and CertificationEarned Value Management Lee/ Simpson
02/22/12The Innovation-Ready Project ManagerGame Changing Innovation Strategies Martens
02/22/12System Integration: Infusion of Commercial Technology Game Changing Innovation Strategies Atwell/ Simpson
02/22/12JPL Innovation Foundry Game Changing Innovation Strategies Sherwood/ McCleese
02/22/12Piloting Innovative Idea Capture/Management Tools at NASA Langley Research Center: Lessons LearnedGame Changing Innovation Strategies Waszak
02/23/12Viewing Projects & Missions as Solution Delivery EffortsGame Changing Innovation Strategies Sierra/ Kotnour
02/23/12Open Government Maturity Model: Harnessing Social Media for Increased Public EngagementGame Changing Innovation Strategies Kwak
02/23/12New Paradigms for Industrial Partnering Game Changing Innovation Strategies Speser
02/22/12 Changing the Platform: Repurposing Kennedy Space Center Game Changing Innovation Strategies Carlson/ Bontgrager/ Tippin/ Singer
02/23/12Get (in) on Innovation - NASA Innovation EcosystemGame Changing Innovation Strategies Hardash/ Summers/ Decker
02/22/12 Building a Cost Effective Portfolio Management System...Yes You Can! Great Ideas in Action Maleki/ Trinh
02/22/12 Project Management and Zen Great Ideas in Action Juli/ French
02/22/12Great Ideas and Unique CapabilitiesGreat Ideas in Action Cox/ Odle
02/22/12Cost Take Out for NASA's Infrastructure PortfolioGreat Ideas in Action St. Thomas/ Simpson
02/22/12Awakening One Creative Genius at a TimeGreat Ideas in Action Pahlavani
02/23/12Watson and Jeopardy: The Role of Project Management Great Ideas in Action De Piante
02/23/12Architecture for Cost Analytics Process Environment Great Ideas in Action Harvey/ Elliott
02/23/12A Project Management Toolkit for Space Flight Projects Great Ideas in Action Bilardo/ Kolibas
02/23/12Building Communities of Engineers to Share Technical Expertise Great Ideas in Action Topousis/ Dennehy/ Fesq
02/23/12Development of Uncertainty Factors from Historical NASA Projects Independent Review in Action Amer/ Jarvis/ Ortiz
02/23/12 Independent Review Policy Implementation Update Independent Review in Action Ortiz
02/23/12 Life Cycle Review - Programmatic Analysis Lessons LearnedIndependent Review in Action Borchardt/ King/ Moses/ Smith
02/23/12Instrument First, Spacecraft Second: Implementing a New ParadigmIndependent Review in Action Bitten/ Mahr/ Freaner
02/23/12"Guerrilla Scrum":  Innovatively Implementing Scrum Management IT and SW Engineering Busby
02/23/12Future Direction for Software Engineering Training at NASAIT and SW Engineering Daniele/ Goldman
02/23/12Facilitating NPR7150.2 Compliance and CMMI L2/L3 auditIT and SW Engineering Izygon
02/23/12AEGIS Autonomous Exploration for Gathering Increased ScienceIT and SW Engineering Estlin
02/22/12KSC Human Factors Lessons LearnedLessons Learned Stambolian/ Stelges/ Tran
02/22/12 NASA Future AR&D System Development - StrategyLessons Learned Mrozinski
02/22/12How one Functional Human-Factors Requirement Influenced a Rocket Lessons Learned Null
02/22/12Space Launch System (SLS) Progress ReportLessons Learned May/ Singer
02/22/12 The Lessons Learned Vacuum of SpaceLessons Learned Foltz/ Crocker
02/23/12Contract Transitions - Responsibility Notes for the Incumbent Managing Contracts Dorsey
02/23/12 Contracts and Requirements Managing Contracts Goodin
02/23/12 Accepted Standards and Emerging Trends in Over Target Baseline (OTB) ContractsManaging Contracts Kotrla
02/23/12 Commercialization of NASA FacilitiesManaging Contracts McLaurin/ Prince
02/22/12 NASA’s Challenges to Meeting Cost, Schedule, and Performance Goals Panel Discussion Morrison/ Bowman/ Tolomeo
02/22/12 Successful Attributes of the Juno Project Management Team People and Teams Nybakken, Chodas
02/22/12Engineer Exceptionally Capable Project Teams People and Teams Heise
02/23/12Process, People and Project SuccessPeople and Teams Williams
02/23/12Influencing a Culture ChangePeople and Teams Weise
02/22/12Changing the Project Execution Culture at NASA DrydenPeople and Teams Horn
02/23/12Using Crowdsourcing, Collaboration and Web 2.0 to Enhance Project ManagementPeople and Teams Washington
02/23/12 Providing Hope In Troubled Times Through Strategic PlanningPeople and Teams Tramel/ Vaughn
02/22/12Digitally Collaborating with Multi-Center TeamsPeople and Teams Grubbs
02/22/12Leveraging NASA's Chief Engineer HierarchyPeople and Teams Barley
02/23/12Ensuring the Success of 5 NASA/JPL Projects Launched in 8 MonthsPM Perspectives Zieger/ Hunter
02/23/12 Extended Project Management Methodologies PM Perspectives Vaskimo
02/23/12 Program Management Complexity - A Competency ModelPM Perspectives Ward
02/23/12Flight Schedule "Killers": Problems/Solutions in Phase C/DPM Perspectives Over/ Malarik
02/23/12Cancellation - Program Cancellation Failure Modes & Lessons LearnedPolicy and Guidance Newman/ Lengyel
02/23/12NASA Software Engineering Benchmarking EffortPolicy and Guidance Rarick/ Godfrey
02/23/12 GAO Quick Look BookPolicy and Guidance Gallagher
02/22/12Designing in Safety Through Early Safety Requirements ManagementPolicy and Guidance Lyver
02/22/12NPR 7120.5 E PM and SRB Handbooks - The Bridge Between Policy and ImplementationPolicy and Guidance Blythe/ Ortiz
02/22/12Tailoring NASA Requirements to Fit the ProjectPolicy and Guidance Nguyen/ Boadway
02/23/12 Exploration Systems Development Policy and Guidance Dumbacher
02/22/12Overview of the Baseline Performance Review (BPR)Policy and Guidance Woods/ Edwards
02/22/12NASA Program and Project Management Policy - What's New?Policy and Guidance Smalley/ Stigberg/ Petze
02/23/12 Practical Applications of Risk-Informed Decision Making - No Fear!Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Field/ Thomas
02/23/12 Contingency Plans 101: A Project Manager's Guide Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Ennix-Sandhu
02/22/12 Using a Systems Engineering Approach to Develop NASA Engineering TalentRisk and Safety Mission Assurance Marinaro/May
02/23/12NASA’s Commitment to Limiting the Generation of Orbital DebrisRisk and Safety Mission Assurance Lyver
02/23/12 Risk Management During Integrated Systems Research Technology DevelopmentRisk and Safety Mission Assurance Brown/ Bezos-O'Connor/ Hirshorn
02/22/12 JSC Safety and Mission Assurance Space Shuttle Program Legacy ReportRisk and Safety Mission Assurance Johnson
02/22/12 Multidimensional Risk (MRISK)Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Brown/ Johnson/ McCollum
02/22/12 A "System/Case Based" Approach to System Safety Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Dezfuli
02/22/12 Mission Assurance Audits Evolution, Ensuring NRO Mission SuccessRisk and Safety Mission Assurance Baker
02/22/12Managing Projects Without Being Buried in SchedulesScheduling Smith
02/22/12 Joint Analysis of Cost and Schedule Scheduling Rippe/ Carpio
02/22/12 Innovative Scheduling Analysis - Status Impact Analysis Scheduling Cole
02/22/12 All Subsystems Are Not Created EqualScheduling Barlow/ battista
02/22/12 Improving the Quality of your Microsoft Project 2010 Schedule Scheduling Leach
02/23/12 Systems Engineering Using Models EFT-1 Case StudySystems Engineering McVittie
02/23/12 Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research Systems Engineering Rabelo
02/23/12 Project Management Lessons from Engineering History Systems Engineering Perez
02/22/12 A Call for Leadership - Technical Leadership is not Optional for System Engineers Systems Engineering Thomas/ Brown
02/22/12 An MBSE Approach to Space Suit DevelopmentSystems Engineering Cordova/ Kovich/ Sargusingh
02/22/12 Systems Engineering, Architecting and Model Based SE Challenges and Opportunities Systems Engineering Muirhead
02/22/12 Thinking Ahead to Verification & ValidationSystems Engineering Wheatcraft
02/22/12 Orion Flight Test Architecture Benefits of MBSE Approach Systems Engineering Simpson/ Reed
02/23/12 Role of MBSE in NASA's Space Communications NetworksSystems Engineering Bhasin/ Golden/ Reinert/ Barnes
02/23/12 Foundations of Ethics: East to West Words of Wisdom Goodin
02/22/12 Complexity Challenges in the Integration of Systems and OrganizationsWords of Wisdom Moser/ Lightfoot/ Rogan
02/23/12 Risk as an Essential Part of Technology R&D Words of Wisdom Fletcher
02/22/12 Awakening of project consciousness through stakeholders buying inWords of Wisdom Jain/ Jain
02/23/12 SAME CREW...NEW RIDE Changing Strategy Words of Wisdom Mango/ Kerr/ Gerace/ Thurston
02/22/12 Managing Complex, Large Programs/Projects; and StakeholdersWords of Wisdom Robinson/ Neves
02/23/12 Unspoken Fears: What Gives Brave Project Managers Nightmares Words of Wisdom Kothari/ Mitchell
02/22/12 The Pathologies of the Conventional Wisdom of NASA Program Planning and ManagementWords of Wisdom Mandell
02/22/12 5 Keys to Successful Project Management Words of Wisdom Brantley
02/23/12 Risk Associated with Having a System ProblemGeneral Session Thomas
02/23/12 Overview of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG) International Forum Olson
02/23/12 ISS Overview International Forum Olson
02/22/12 The Space Laboratory Past Experience and Future Perspectives International Forum Rittweger
02/22/12 The International Program/Project Management Committee IPMC - PMC 2012 International Forum SuB
02/22/12 An International Collaboration in Technival Workforce Development International Forum Baize
02/23/12 SP / ISS Partnerships International Forum Mackey
02/23/12 Managing Space Projects in a Changing Global Environment International Forum Laliberte
02/23/12 GES - A Historical Perspective International Forum Kirkham
02/22/12 Challenges in International Project Management International Forum Killough
02/23/12 The ISECG Global Exploration Roadmap (GER) International Forum Hufenbach
02/22/12 International Project Management Committee - Overview and Status International Forum Hoffman
02/23/12 Global Trends in Project Management International Forum Hoffman
02/22/12 German Aerospace Center (DLR) International Forum Georgi
02/22/12 Earth Observation and Climate Global Challenge and Global Collaboration International Forum Doherty
02/22/12 German Aerospace Center (DLR) International Forum Florian
02/22/12 International Collaboration in Technical Workforce Development International Forum Dansey
02/22/12 KARI Space Project Management in a Changing Global Environment International Forum Choi
02/22/12 The Space Laboratory Past Experience and Future Perspectives International Forum Rittweger
02/22/12 Human Spaceflight: A New Paradigm General Session Chaikin