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2010 Presentations
Date (M/D/Y)TitleTrackSpeaker
02/09/10Ares I-X – Life on the Critical Path ARES I-X Calfee
02/09/10 Ares I-X, Our Shot at One NASAARES I-X Ess/ Davis/ Askins
02/09/10 Healthy Tension: the Mission and Technical Authorities ARES I-X Mullane/ Stanley/ Hamilton
02/09/10 Systems Engineering and Integration across an Agency ARES I-X Smith/ Bryant
02/09/10 Ares I-X Roll Control System Development ARES I-X Unger/ Massey
02/09/10 Can 24 Best-Paid Consultants Help Your Mission? Business Chmielewski
02/10/10 How Configuration Management Helps Projects Innovate and CommunicateBusiness Cioletti/ Guidry
02/10/10 What Good is a HQ Program Executive?Business McDougal/ Johnson/ Salute/ Ocampo Uria
02/10/10 Preparing for a Remote-Site Life-Cycle Review Business Taylor
02/10/10 Developing Requirements for Constellation’s Next Generation Space SuitBusiness Wheatcraft/ Hill
02/09/10 NASA's Baseline Performance Review (BPR) Business Woods
02/09/10 What are we reporting to OMB and GAO?Business Zimmerman
02/10/10 Demanding Projects: Two Brains Are Better Than One Complex Projects Aucoin
02/10/10 Complexity, Systems and Project Management Complex Projects Cooke-Davies
02/09/10 Preparing to Lead a Complex Project Complex Projects Elliott/ Doremus/ Scott/ Leggett
02/09/10 Cassini-Huygens - Organizing and Running a Multifaceted Mission Complex Projects Fletcher
02/09/10 Juno Project Overview, Challenges for a Jupiter Mission Complex Projects Kayali
02/10/10 Deconstructing the Big Dig: Cost Estimation Lessons Learned Complex Projects Greiman
02/09/10 Managing the Contract in a Complex Project Complex Projects Ouellette/ Garcia
02/09/10 Managing Technical Issues in Complex, High Risk ProjectsComplex Projects Wagster
02/10/10Application of ISS Lessons Learned to Systems Integration Complex Projects Wood
02/10/10Conceptual Design Optimism, Cost and Schedule Growth Effects Cost Estimating Bitten
02/10/10Mega Projects Estimates - A History of Denial Cost Estimating Butts
02/10/10 Improving Life-Cycle Cost Management of Spacecraft Missions Cost Estimating Clardy
02/10/10Cost and Schedule Integration A Practical Perspective Cost Estimating Jarvis
02/09/10Step by Step: Planning and Conducting an IBR Earned Value Management Gonzales
02/09/10 EVMS: The Principles, Best Practices, and Benefits Earned Value Management Humphreys
02/09/10Implementing an Earned Value Management System for the Constellation Program (CxP) Earned Value Management McCann
02/09/10Baselining the Schedule: What's the Big Deal? Earned Value Management Mitchell
02/09/10 Implementing Earned Value Management in the CxP EVA Systems Project Office Earned Value Management Sorge
02/09/10Center-wide Facilities Planning: Tools and Best Practices Facilities Krishen
02/09/10 NASA's Next Generation Facilities Facilities Tippin/ Weaver/ Grant
02/10/10 SRB Success StoryIndependent Review in Action Amer/ Jurczyk/ Ochs
02/10/10JCL Status of Implementations-IPAO Programmatic Assessment PhilosophyIndependent Review in Action Greathouse
02/10/10Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis and Prioritizing Risks using Risk DriversIndependent Review in Action Hulett
02/10/10Connect the Dots Independent Review in Action Ortiz
02/09/10 Are Your Software Measures Useful? Information and Technology Crumbley
02/10/10Software Architecture Review Board for Flight SystemsInformation and Technology Dvorak
02/09/10NASA Software Engineering Procedural Requirements and related PolicyInformation and Technology Kelly/ Crumbley
02/10/10 Reuse of Software by Programs and Projects (No presentation available)Information and Technology Mecum
02/10/10Microsoft's Project 2007 Server with Project Web Access Information and Technology Murphy/ Wilcher/ Lipsky/ Jean/ DarJean
02/09/10Project Management for Every Size IT Project Information and Technology Simonsen
02/09/10CMMI® Models in Oversight of Space Flight SoftwareInformation and Technology Strassner/ Retherford
02/10/10NASA ASRS: Evolution Toward Full Electronic ProcessingInformation and Technology Taube/ Gong/ Arias/ Connell
02/10/10Industry Perspectives on Commercial International Program/Project Collaboration International Project Management Aldrin/ Bounds/ Bejmuk/ Pech
02/10/10Developing the International Program/Project Management Community International Project Management Andrews/ Bohm/ Hamazaki/ Hoffman
02/09/10Executing Successful Partnerships with NASA - International Partners’ PerspectivesInternational Project Management Bress/ Diekmann/ Yoshiura/ Gibbs
02/10/10New Opportunities: International Collaboration – Understanding Earth Climate ChangeInternational Project Management Fellous/ Freilich
02/09/10 Learning from the International Space Station Program Experience (No presentation available)International Project Management Gerstenmaier/ Shiraki/ Marcotte/ Krasnov
02/09/10International Approaches to Space Program Management International Project Management Kalady/ Zimmerman/ Suresh/ Carvalho/ Spudis
02/09/10A System for Innovation Innovation and Collaboration Davis/ Richard
02/09/1021st Century Connections: Making Sense of Social MediaInnovation and Collaboration Fujieh
02/09/10Keys to Making Virtual Communication WorkInnovation and Collaboration Gilbert
02/09/10Riskapedia: A Risk Management Wiki Resource for CxPInnovation and Collaboration Heard
02/09/10Innovation in Intellectual Property ManagementInnovation and Collaboration Mitchell
02/09/10Exploration Innovation: Thrust, Cooperation, Challenges, and Opportunity Space Innovation Opportunities and Tools Craig
02/09/10Innovative Approaches to Stimulating a Commercial Spaceflight Capability Innovation Opportunities and Tools Comstock
02/09/10Opportunites for Innovation in the NASA Technology Landscape Innovation Opportunities and Tools Dastoor
02/10/10Interagency Collaboration: Leveraging Innovation, Technology for NASA Missions Innovation Opportunities and Tools Emond
02/09/10Lunar Exploration Innovation Challenges Innovation Opportunities and Tools Kelso
02/09/10Meeting NASA's Technology Challenges Through Innovation and Collaboration Innovation Opportunities and Tools Petro
02/10/10NASA Innovation Incubator: Prizes, Partnerships and CreativityInnovation Opportunities and Tools Petro
02/10/10Launch: WaterInnovation Opportunities and Tools Powell
02/10/10A Day In a Life: Challenges in Managing the SBIR ProgramInnovation Opportunities and Tools Ray/ Stegeman/ Hines
02/10/10The Quest for an OCO Re-Flight Launch and Learn Basilio
02/10/10The Moon Mineralogy Mapper on Chandrayaan-1 Launch and Learn Glavich/ White
02/10/10Bigelow Aerospace Genesis: Testing Expandable Spacecraft in LEO Launch and Learn Londrigan
02/10/10Going South: Lessons from an Historic Project FailureLaunch and Learn Scott
02/10/10Case Studies—A Key Component of Knowledge SharingLessons Learned Bell
02/10/10Observations of Crew Dynamics During Mars Analog Simulations Lessons Learned Cusack
02/09/10Glory APS Lessons Learned, A Project Manager’s PerspectiveLessons Learned Diffoot/ Fafaul
02/09/10Developing Young Engineers to be Design EngineersLessons Learned Dittemore/ Torres/ Miller/ Muench
02/10/10OCO: A Unique Lessons Learned OpportunityLessons Learned Guske
02/09/10Heritage, a love-hate RelationshipLessons Learned Hartford
02/09/10Using Project Management Tools to ImproveLessons Learned Jones
02/10/10Lessons-Learned, STS-107 Columbia Accident: Organizational Silence Lessons Learned Rocha
02/09/10Space System Development: Lessons Learned-The Roots of Mission AssuranceLessons Learned Nieberding
02/10/10Team-building on a Complex Project – Best ToolsPeople and Teams Carr
02/10/10Connecting Engineers to Online Experts and Knowledge People and Teams Dennehy/ Topousis
02/10/10Navigating Through Turbulence: Some Important Team Qualities People and Teams Dickerson
02/09/10Implementing Program Management Change in a Resistant Environment People and Teams Dornell
02/09/10Start a Leadership Revolution People and Teams Lovell
02/09/10The Power of Teams People and Teams Mulenburg
02/09/10Project Teams Unstuck! People and Teams Sheives
02/09/10Stop Doing Stupid Stuff People and Teams Smith
02/10/10Successfully Launching Project Teams People and Teams Yonce/ Gallaher/ Ferris
02/10/10SRB Handbook and Process Policy and Guidance Calloway/ Amer
02/09/10Joint Cost and Schedule Confidence Level (JCL) Explained Policy and Guidance Coonce
02/09/10Risk-informed Decision Making Policy and Guidance Dezfuli/ Maggio
02/09/10Cross-Cutting Look at OCE Policy Compliance within NASA Policy and Guidance Keer
02/10/10Increasing the Robustness of Flight Project Concepts Policy and Guidance Leising/ Wessen/ Adler
02/09/10Challenges in partnering on major research platforms and facilities Policy and Guidance Miller
02/09/10 NPR 7120.5D (No presentation available) Policy and Guidance Obenschain
02/10/10Program Planning & Control Handbooks – Guides to Excellence Policy and Guidance Poole
02/09/10Beyond Band-Aid Solutions: Proactively Reducing Mishap Risks Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Barth/ Nappi
02/10/10Understanding the Perception of Risk Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Fuller
02/10/10The Counterfeiting Epidemic- How to Avoid Fake Parts Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Hughitt/ DiMase
02/09/10Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis and Prioritizing Risks using Risk Drivers Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Hulett
02/10/10 Improving Project Success through Technical Excellence Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Marinaro/ Kowaleski
02/09/10 Quantitative Schedule Risk Analysis of DoD Operational Environment Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Moses/ Nichols/ hornback
02/10/10 Changing the Safety and Mission Assurance (S&MA) Paradigm Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Safie/ Malone
02/09/10 Getting What you Paid for: Acquisition Risk Analysis Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Taylor
02/09/10 Risk Informed Design and Test Risk and Safety Mission Assurance Turner
02/10/10 Schedule Analysis Techniques Scheduling Majerowicz
02/10/10 Schedule Margin Management-The Missing Link Scheduling Price
02/10/10 Critical Chain Project Management: Motivation & Overview Scheduling Richards
02/10/10A Practical Approach for Resource Loading Your Schedule Scheduling Smith
02/10/10 Orion PDR Process - What in the World Happened? Spotlight on Constellation Armstrong/ Byers
02/10/10Constellation Reliability Engineering Process - Optimizing CxP Risk Spotlight on Constellation Carter/ Deans
02/09/10Ares I-X - The Integrated Master Schedule Spotlight on Constellation Heitzman/ Askins
02/09/10Lean Six Sigma: What Every Program Manager Should Know Spotlight on Constellation Hoyt/ Adrian
02/09/10Standing up the CSTP office at KSC Spotlight on Constellation Mango/ Burnett/ Engelauf/ McPhillips/ Martin/ Collura
02/10/10Simulation for Multi-Decadal Projects (Constellation) Spotlight on Constellation Othon
02/09/10Constellation and Operability Spotlight on Constellation Scott
02/10/10 Infusing Human Factors in the Design of Ground Systems Systems Engineering Barth/ Simpkins
02/09/10Streamlining Requirements Development through Model-based Systems Engineering Systems Engineering Bayt
02/09/10Cross-Center Systems Development: Coordination Architectures and Practices Systems Engineering Grossman/ Moser
02/09/10Collaborative Multi-Center Implementation of NPR 7123.1A Systems Engineering Hall/ McNelis
02/09/10Managing CPAS Architecture and Requirements Volatility Systems Engineering Hazen
02/10/10Ares Design Influence from Ares I-X Flight Data Systems Engineering Huebner
02/09/10What is the Final Verification of Engineering Requirements? Systems Engineering Poole
02/10/10MBSE Architecture Modeling Methodology Systems Engineering Robinson
02/10/10Systems Thinking: Historical Perspectives and Exploration Today Systems Engineering Simpkins
02/09/10Innovation's WellWords of Wisdom Gerstenmaier
02/10/10Program Management in a Connected World Words of Wisdom Hatfield/ Dickey
02/09/10 Balancing Your Life as Program/Project Manager (No presentation available) Words of Wisdom Hale
02/10/10Global Trends in Project Management 2010 Words of Wisdom Hoffman
02/10/10Learning from the Shuttle Flow Control Valve Issue Words of Wisdom Ryschkewitsch/ Singer
02/09/10The Space Exploration Mission Words of Wisdom Romanella
02/10/10FAA's Successful Implementation of Earned Value Management Words of Wisdom Rovinsky