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2008 Presentations
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Date (M/D/Y)TitleTrackSpeaker
02/26/08 Leveraging Scheduling Productivity with Practical Scheduling Techniques Taking Care of Business Paradis
02/27/08 Integrating Human Factors into Space Vehicle Processing for Risk ManagementRisk Management Woodbury/ Osterhout
02/26/08 Team Development Strategies: 'Give Them What They Need Dream Teams Bowman
02/26/08 Application of Project Simulation to Optimize Ares I-X Upper Stage Simulator Project ImplementationBusiness is Booming Bilardo/ Culver/ Sander
02/26/08 Implementing an In-house Solution for Earned Value Management Taking Care of Business Johnson/ Kottmyer
02/27/08 Multi-Element Integrated Testing at Kennedy Space CenterHigh Performance Teams Honeycutt
02/27/08 Project Management ABCs – A is for AcquisitionTaking Care of Business Sutliff/ Zakrajsek
02/27/08 Using Modeling and Simulation as a Tool for Risk ManagementSpotlight on Engineering Excellence Diegelman
02/27/08 It’s Not Just About the IT: Developing Systems that People Can (and Will) Use Business is Booming Conroy
02/27/08 Reduce the Risk to Your Most Valuable Asset During HurricanesManaging Risk Hoffman/Gray
02/26/08 Preparing for Facilities Readiness Process Makes Perfect Rider
02/26/08 The Meaning and Use of S-Curves in Cost EstimatingBusiness is Booming Book
02/27/08 NASA’s Business Systems – Are They Working for You? Business is Booming Smalley
02/27/08 Building a meaningful IT PMO: A Year in Retrospect Process Makes Perfect Dare
02/27/08 Requirements Management Process Makes Perfect Walsh
02/26/08 Is Your Estimate Real? Business is Booming Webster
02/26/08 Private Risks, Trust and Communication Risk Management Hanna
02/27/08 Cost Savings in Control Board Processing through Business Process Management – A Success Story Process Winners Laws
02/26/08 Getting to be a Successful PDR under NPR 7120.5D Words of Wisdom Grammier
02/27/08 5 Fundamental Things You Need to Know to Get Back to the MoonIntegrated Project Management Humphries
02/27/08 The Realities of Successful Project Management Words of Wisdom Sabelhaus
02/27/08 Predictable Project Surprises: Bridging Risk Perception Gaps Risk Management Ribeiro
02/26/08 Processes – What are they good for? Absolutely Something! Process Makes Perfect West
02/27/08 Free Launch with Manageable Risk: Challenges of Integrating Dual Spacecraft Spotlight on Engineering Excellence Beck
02/27/08 Forming Innovative Partnerships to Enhance Future Mission-Enabling Capabilities Dream Teams Cheeks
02/27/08 STEREO: The Story Words of Wisdom Chrissotimos
02/27/08 Challenges to Successful International Projects General Session Mukai
02/26/08 Mitigating the June 2007 International Space Station (ISS) Russian Segment Computer Anomaly in your Design Spotlight on Engineering Excellence Davis
02/26/08 The Winter of 1776 and Lessons for NASA Leaders General Session Ryschkewitsch
02/26/08 Learning From Past Experiences Shared Voyages Hulet
02/27/08 Big-Picture Thinking High Performance Teams Hazen
02/26/08 Bridging the Research and Spaceflight Operations Gap: The EVA IR Camera Experience High Performance Teams Gazarik
02/26/08 Risk Driven CEV Electrical Systems DesignSpotlight on Engineering Excellence Bay
02/27/08 Software Development Best Practices for Human-Rated SpacecraftSpotlight on Engineering Excellence Aguilar
02/27/08 The Power of a “Can Do” Team: Conducting the Constellation SRRShared Voyages Leonard
02/26/08 Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) Implementation Strategy Taking Care of Business Gonzales
02/26/08 Mood and Emotions: Impact on Team PerformanceDream Teams Sampietro
02/27/08 Everything in its Place – Levels, Allocation, and TraceabilityProcess Winners Wheatcraft
02/27/08 Lockheed Martin’s Approach to Mission Success Words of Wisdom Reightler
02/27/08 HyTEx: A Multi-Center & Multi-Agency Success Story High Performance Teams Krasa/ Lee
02/26/08 Expected Behaviors: Road Rules for Project Team Member – Not Road Rage Dream Teams DiTullio
02/27/08Project Management Approach to Source Evaluation BoardsTaking Care of Business Pagel/ Beene
02/27/08Multiple Orbits, Multiple Targets, Living with Risk Every Day Risk Management Webster
02/26/08Virgin Galactic: Out of this World and Back General Session Firth
02/27/08In Search of a Good Project ScheduleTaking Care of Business Rigoli
02/26/08Supplier Program Management Integrated Project Management Harnagel
02/26/08Project Management 101 - What is Project Management?Integrated Project Management Cassidy
02/27/08 Help us Help you - Spacecraft Lessons Learned from a Launch Vehicle Technical Integration Perspective Shared Voyages Faller
02/27/08 Lean+ 'Tying it All Together’Integrated Project Management Martinson
02/27/08GFE Project Management: Meeting the Challenge!Process Makes Perfect Lewis
02/27/08Dragons in our Dreams and Daring DeedsDream Teams Hale
02/27/08Best Practices for Reliable and Robust Spacecraft Structures Spotlight on Engineering Excellence Raju
02/27/08Solving Difficult Problems without Descoping Process Winners Rosenberg
02/27/08Recovery and Success of Troubled Projects Integrated Project Management Robinson/ Wainright/ Hough
02/27/08How We Learn Words of Wisdom Hoffman/ Kohut
02/27/08What Does Complexity Have To Do With It? Integrated Project Management Mulenburg
02/26/08The Agency's Initiative on Lessons Learned Shared Voyages Henderson
02/26/08 Establishing a Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB) in a Cost Effective Manner Taking Care of Business Humphreys
02/27/08 Secrets of Successful Web sites Process Makes Perfect Antunes
02/26/08 OMB and GAO Project Management Certification Requirements - Response and Implementation Words of Wisdom Hoffman/ Boyle
02/26/08 The SSP Transition & Retirement - Managing the last phase of the Program Lifecycle Shared Voyages Sander
02/27/08 Managing under Challenging Circumstances Shared Voyages McLennan
02/26/08 Building Teams to Achieve - Proven across Cultures, Disciplines, Geography Dream Teams Dromgold
02/26/08 Managing Risk by Influential Government Insight and Global Collaboration Managing Risk Pham
02/26/08 The Changing World of Configuration Management Integrated Project Management Dusterwald
02/26/08 Multimedia Search Tool for Accessing Engineering Best Practice Information Process Makes Perfect Oberhettinger/ Tate
02/27/08 How the Risk Register Drives the Schedule Risk Analysis Risk Management Hulett
02/27/08 Electronic Facilitation of Integrated Cost Management for Projects Business is Booming Graham
02/27/08 Integrated Project Management – Tear Down Those WallsIntegrated Project Management Mihalic/ Dean
02/26/08 The BOSS - Business Operating Success Strategies Process Makes Perfect Mueller
02/26/08 Risk Management: Getting Started Risk Management Calhoun
02/26/08 Best Practices for Reliable and Robust Human Systems Integration Spotlight on Engineering Excellence Null
02/27/08 Guidance, Navigation & Control (GN&C) Best Practices for Human-Rated Spacecraft Spotlight on Engineering Excellence Dennehy
02/26/08 The Constellation Program Team: Reaching Higher, and Further Words of Wisdom Hardcastle
02/27/08 Adapting Project Management Practices to Research-Based Projects Shared Voyages Mullenax/ Loerch/ Skytland
02/26/08 Challenging Assumptions: Healthy Skepticism General Session O’Connor
02/26/08 Conducting Business as a Virtual Project Team - Distributed Project Management Integrated Project Management Brown/ Crandall/ Fujieh
02/27/08 Overcoming Conflict and Building High Performance Teams High Performance Teams Brockhurst/ Lane
02/26/08 Improving Information Technology Management at NASA High Performance Teams Bolger
02/26/08 Team Training for High Performance Teams High Performance Teams O’Keefe
02/27/08 How the Lessons Learned on Other Space Programs Apply to Constellation Shared Voyages Bastedo/ Williams
02/26/08 Keeping Expertise: KSC Utilization Team High Performance Teams Calvert
02/26/08/ A Risk-Based Approach to Shuttle Transition Workforce Communications Shared Voyages Edwards/ Krishen
02/26/08 Five Questions a Project Manager Should Ask About Every Estimate Business is Booming DeMarco
02/27/08 Using Agile Scrum to Achieve Superior Team Performance High Performance Teams Stapleton
02/27/08 Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS) General Session Worden
02/27/08 Turning Strategic Initiatives into Blockbuster Results Process Winners Brache
02/26/08Conducting a Successful IBR Business is Booming Counts
02/26/08Design, Development, Test, and Evaluation (DDT&E) Considerations for Safe and Reliable Human Rated Spacecraft Systems Spotlight on Engineering Excellence Schaible
02/27/08SEWP: A Culture for Program Success Process Winners Woytek
02/27/08Kick Starting a Collaborative, Contingence-seeking Mindset Dream Teams Kroeger
02/27/08 Contract Fire Extinguishers – A Dozen Boiler-Plate Clauses Every Project Manager Should Understand Taking Care of Business Baniszewski
02/27/08Being Part of Integrated Project Management Work from Another Center Dream Teams Free
02/27/08 Getting a Handle on Cost and Schedule Performance Business is Booming Zimmerman
02/27/08 PPOD: Managing Small Secondary Payloads Process Makes Perfect Skrobot
02/26/08 Taking a Second Look: The Potential Pitfalls of Popular Risk Methodologies Risk Management Druker
02/26/08Forging Partnerships - Team Building as Crucial Element Dream Teams Emond