2010 Systems Engineering Excellence Award

Systems engineering is a core competency of NASA's highly skilled workforce and has been recognized as one of the "secrets" of the Agency's success in the Apollo program and many other Programs and Projects since then. NASA teams and organizations are increasingly employing well-defined, proven processes and practices to develop, manage, and integrate increasingly complex systems.

The Office of the Chief Engineer (OCE) has established the first annual NASA Systems Engineering Award. Each center nominated several highly deserving projects and each was worthy of recognition. After a very difficult and competitive review process the OCE is pleased to announce the 2010 award recipients.

The OCE will present the award at the Program Management Challenge in February during a lunch time ceremony. Recipients of the first annual Systems Engineering Technical Excellence Award will be honored on February 10 at the 2010 NASA Project Management Challenge in Galveston, Texas.

The following table lists the 2010 Systems Engineering Excellence Award Recipients.



Hubble Preston Burch
LRO Craig Tooley
Grace Mission Ab Davis
LCROSS Daniel Andrews
MLAS Dawn Schaible



Discovery/Kepler Science Merit Function William Borucki, Riley Duren
Shuttle Gaseous Hydrogen Valve Peter Parker