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NASA Engineering Training

[image-62]The Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership (APPEL) is a research-based organization that serves project practitioners by providing products and services that manage risk, maximize human capital, contain cost, maintain project schedules, develop high-performance teams, and promote mission success.

APPEL contributes to NASA's mission by promoting individual and team excellence in program/project management and engineering through the application of learning strategies, methods, models, and tools. APPEL supports individual practitioners, project teams, and NASA projects and programs at every level of development, through its four primary business lines: Curriculum, Knowledge Sharing, Performance Enhancement, and Research and Advanced Concepts. It bases its service to the project community on research and performance measurement and continually refines it to ensure that APPEL programs reflect the latest developments in the industry, the Agency, and the nation.

APPEL's research has shown that 80% of individual learning at NASA takes place on the job through hands-on experience. With that in mind, APPEL takes a blended learning approach, recognizing the necessity of creating many opportunities for learning in order to address the full range of learning styles and modes. The APPEL curriculum employs state-of-the art methodologies based on the best empirical research and the latest developments in industry. In doing so, the Academy strives to do nothing less than set the standard for training and development for engineering and project management, thus advancing the mission of NASA in its service to our nation.

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Academy of Program/Project & Engineering Leadership
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