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ISIW 2014 Presentations

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Session 1 - Vision - Motivation - Orginization - ISIW Plan
1-1   Byrne, Greg Welcome / Logistics / Vision
1-2 Prosser, Bill NESC-TDT Intro, Interest in In-Space Inspection
1-3 Hale, Wayne Why are we here? - Shuttle Program/Mission Ops Experience
1-4 Studor, George Worksop Overview: In-Space Inspection Needs & Technologies
Session 2a - ISS Risks and Life Extension to 2024 and Beyond
2a-1 Christiansen, Eric Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (MMOD) Risk Overview
2a-2 Dempsey, Phil Inspection Considerations from the ISS Program
2a-3 Moore, Randy ISS Inspection Capabilities and Challenges
2a-4 Rollins, J. Michael Orion Inspection Planning - Lessons Learned
Session 2b - Spacecraft Inspection and Re-entry TPS
2b-1 Roesler, Gordon Inspection of GEO Spacecraft for Commercial & Military Customers
2b-2 Mcguire, Jill Satellite Servicing Mission - Inspection Needs
2b-3 Henshaw, Glen Overview of NRL Advances in Orbital Inspection
2b-4 Gard, Joseph Asteroid Redirect MissionCrew Segment
Session 2c - Future Space Vehicles and Satellite Repair
2c-1 Vos, Gordon Technology Needs in Human Factors & Human Systems Integration
  Holden, Kitina (Co-Presenter)
2c-2 Perri, Dan OSO In Space Inspection Experience and Needs
2c-3 Wright, Michael Lighting and Robotic Integration
2c-4 Frank, Jeremy Autonomous Mission Operations
Session 2d - Opportunities with Sensor Software Enhancement
2d-1 Leckey, Cara Modeling & Simulation for Enabling In-Space NDE & Health Monitoring
2d-2 Turner, James Computational Vision Technology & TAMU's LASR Lab
2d-3 Nellums, Robert Space-Based Sensor Enhancement by Signal Processing
Day 1 Lunch Speaker
  Difler, Ron Robonaut Activities on ISS
Session 3a - Oil/Gas Industry Needs
3a-1 Rogers, Jon NDT Challenges for the Oil and Gas Industry
3a-2 Kapusta, Sergio Inspection Needs in the Oil and Gas Industry
3a-3 Brower, Dave Advanced Instrumentation and Inspection for Deepwater Oil and Gas Fields
3a-4 Robello, Samuel Inspection Needs Supporting Increased Well Integrity
Session 3b - Air Force and Navy
3b-1 Russ, Stephan Overview of USAF NDE R&D Activities
3b-2 Floyd, Timothy Aging Aircraft Health Monitoring for Condition Based Maintenance
3b-3 Trepal, Nathan NAVAIR NDI
3b-4 Lockhart, Patric Navy NDT&E Needs
Session 3c - NASA Inspection Operations
3c-1 Skow, Miles Contamination Control and Possible Use of NDE Techniques
3c-2 GoForth, Monte Potential Avionics Inspection Needs
3c-3 Grygier, Michael Structural Monitoring to Minimize Inspections
3c-4 Zoughi, Reza Towards Real-Time & 3d Millimeter Wave Imaging for In-Space Applications
  Ghasr, Mohhammad (Co-Presenter)
Session 4a - Miniature Backscatter Xray
4a-1 Van Liew, Seth Handheld Backscatter Scanner Development
4a-2 Garber, Wayne Then and Now Status of X-ray Backscatter at Nucsafe
4a-3 Grubsky, Victor Recent Progress on 3D Backscatter X-Ray NDE
4a-4 Turner, Clark 3D Backscatter Xray
4a-5 Murali, Krupakar Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Based Compact X-ray Source
Session 4b - Controllable Snake-arm Inspection Systems
4b-1 LaFleur, Frank Flexible Videoscopes/Borescopes-Pushing the Limits of Articulation
4b-2 Pairazaman, Carlos Controllable Videoscopes/Sensors
4b-3 Mallion, Adam Snakearm Robots and NDI
4b-4 Baybutt, Mark Controllable Dexterous Video Inspection Device
  Low, Tom (Co-Presenter)
4b-5 Tongue, Alex Shape Sensing Utilizing c-OFDR
Session 4c - Miniature 3D Surface Profile and Damage Characterization
4c-1 Sallee, Brad Vehicle Inspection LIDAR
4c-2 Greaves, Tom Repurposing Game Technology for Real Time, Handheld 3D Data Capture
4c-3 Deremer, Steve Short Range Full-field Structured Blue Light 3D Scan/Photo-G
4c-4 Turner, James TAMU's LASR Lab and Computational Vision Technology
4c-5 Hagen, Nathan Real-Time Gas Imaging with the Gas Cloud Imager (GCI)
Session 4d - ISS Module Pressure Wall Inspection Operations Tools
4d-1 Madaras, Eric Automated ISS Leak Location System Development Status
4d-2 Koshti, Ajay Considerations for IVA NDE Instrumentation for ISS On-Orbit NDE
4d-3 Cabral, Ed User Friendly NDE Ultrasound and Phased Array
4d-4 Tang, Kevin Optical Tracking for NDE Sensor Scanning
  Haanpaa, Douglas (Co-Presenter)
4d-5 Kessler, Seth PZT & CNT based SHM Systems
for Impact Detection & Localization
Session 5a - Miniature Free-Flying Platforms for Inspection - Part 1 - Flight Systems
5a-1 Hinkley, David Aerospace PICOSAT Capability Status 2014
5a-2 Tsuda, Albert CubeSat Proximity Operations Demonstration (CPOD) Overview
  Williams, Austin (Co-Presenter)
5a-3 Johnson, Mike NanoRacks ISS Operations
Session 5b - Robotic Inspection - Part 1 - ISS External Inspection Improvements
5b-1 Studer, Victor External High Definition Camera
5b-2 Gonthier, Yves Dextre-Deployable Vision System (DDVS)
  Gemme, Sebastian (Co-Presenter)
5b-3 Callen, Phillip Enhanced Ground Control for ISS Robotics
Session 5c - Hands Free Operations in Zero-G - Part 1 - Temporary Adhesion with Gecko-Materials
5c-1 Glass, Paul Gecko Inspired Adhesive
5c-2 Gupta, Rana Think Like Geckskin
5c-3 Parness, Aaron Gecko Like Adhesives for InSpace Inspection
Session 5d - Autonomy Improvements - Part 1 - Condition/Event-Triggered Inspections with Add-on Sensors
5d-1 Trott, Aaron Flight Systems and Technologies for Impact Detection and Location
5d-2 Bowman, Chris Autonomous Data & Goal Driven Intelligent Inspection for Unknown Precursor Detection
5d-3 Goodman, Doug Smart Sensors for Distributed Event-Triggered System Health Monitoring
Session 6a - Miniature Free-Flying Platforms for Inspection - Part 2 - Test Capabilities
6a-1 Benavides, Jose SPHERES–a Free-Flying Testbed Inside the ISS
6a-2 Saenz-Otero, Alvar SPHERES-X - a Proposed Inspection Laboratory Outside ISS
6a-3 Magruder, Darby Remote Underwater Robotic Inspection
Session 6b - Robotic Inspection - Part 2 - Difficult to Access Areas
6b-1 Knaub, Mitchell Enabling Monitoring & Inspection with Wireless Power and Data Hotspots Through Metal Barriers
6b-2 Baybutt, Mark Taurus Robot
  Low, Tom (Co-Presenter)
6b-3 Quinn, Roger Climbing Robots for Inspecting ISS Interior
Session 6c - Hands Free Operations in Zero-G - Part 2 - Temporary Adhesion with Electro-Adhesion
6c-1 Aguero, Victor Progress Towards Electroadhesion Application in Space
6c-2 Spenko, Matt Hybrid Electrostatic/Gecko-like Adhesives
6c-3 Ferreira, Justik Electro-Adhesion Technology for Space
Session 6d - Autonomy Improvements - Part 2 - Triggered Inspections with Designed-In Sensors
6d-1 Rummel, Ward A New NDT Tool
6d-2 Pena, Francisco Fiber-Optic Sensing Systems for In Space Inspection
6d-3 Djordjevic, Boro In-Situ Versus Embedded Sensing - How Health Monitoring Effects Inspection Needs
Day 2 Lunch Speaker 1
  Bornman, Preston Applications for Spatial Phase Imaging-Capturing & Understanding the Physical World Digitally
  Barbour, Blair (Co-Presenter)
Day 2 Lunch Speaker 2
  Zmijewski, Christopher SPAR-3D Conference Overview - 2014 results and 2015 in Houston
Day 2 Lunch Speaker 3
  Pettit, Donald               Informal Talk / Video - Examples of Unique Phenomena in Weightlessness


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