Denney J. Keys
NASA Technical Fellow

Mr. Keys is currently the NASA Technical Fellow for Electrical Power and is resident at the Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC).

After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado in 1980, Mr. Keys began his career with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Advanced Systems Technology Division where he was responsible for performing transmission and distribution analyses and testing for the electric utility industry. In 1986 Mr. Keys received his Master of Science Degree from the University of Colorado in combined Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. In 1987 Mr. Keys joined Ford Aerospace Communications Corporation as a Senior Power Systems Engineer supporting the Space Station Freedom Program Office with responsibilities for International Space Station electrical power system analyses and requirements.

Mr. Keys joined NASA in 1990 as lead Power System Manager for the Space Station Freedom Program Office and was responsible for overseeing the Agency space station electrical power system development effort. In 1993 Mr. Keys transferred to the Power Systems Branch at the Goddard Space Flight Center where he served as Lead Power Systems Engineer for multiple spacecraft missions including EOS Terra, EOS Aqua, Triana, Solar Dynamics Observatory, as well as serving as lead Avionics engineer for JWST MicroShutters Control Electrincs (MCE) and the Swift Burst Array Telescope (BAT) voltage regulator program. Mr. Keys has served as Chair or member of multiple major NASA program electrical power system reviews including EOS AURA, Global Precipitation Monitor (GPM), GOES, Landsat 7, Hubble Space Telescope (HST), SWIFT, Stereo, Contour, TIMED, Messenger, New Horizons, Themis, Constellation X, Glory, Spartan, Trace, as well as serving as an independent review team member for the Genesis Red Team Review.

Since 2007, Mr. Keys has also served as Deputy to the Power and Avionics Technical Fellow for the NESC and during that time has led the DAWN HVEA independent assessment, ISS Plasma Contactor Utilization Assessment, and Lithium-Ion Long Life Battery (LLB) reliability assessment as well as supporting multiple other independent assessments. Mr. Keys has been the recipient of multiple awards including the NASA Medal for Exceptional Service in 2005 and Goddard Space Flight Center Outstanding Contribution Award and has served as a member of the Interagency Power Working Group for over 15 years. Mr. Keys is the author or coauthor of numerous AIAA and IEEE publications on aerospace electrical power systems as well as NASA technical publications and reports. Mr. Keys has been a registered Professional Engineer since 1985.

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Denney J. Keys