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Brian K. Muirhead
NESC Chief Engineer

Mr. Muirhead is currently the Chief Engineer for the Mars Science Laboratory at Caltech/Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


2002-04 Chief Engineer, Mars Science Laboratory, next generation Mars surface explorer

1999-02 Manager, Deep Impact Project, Discovery Program comet impact mission, scheduled to launch Jan. 2005.

1997-98 Manager, Mars Pathfinder Project, from landing until end of mission, Oct. 1998

1996-99 Manager, Champollion Pre-Project, comet lander mission

1993-97 Flight System Mgr, Mars Pathfinder Project, landed on Mars July 4, 1997

1992-93 Manager, Mechanical Systems Development Section, 120 member staff developing JPL missions including Cassini, Wide-field Planetary Camera II

1991-92 Technical Manager, MSTI Integration Subsystems, flew in 1992

1990-93 Technical Manager, SIR-C Antenna Mechanical System, flew on STS 59 and 68

1990-92 Deputy Manager, Mechanical Systems Development Section

1988-90 Task Manager, Sample Acquisition, Analysis and Preservation Project, technology program for in situ science missions

1987-90 Lead Mechanical Systems Engr., Mars Rover/Sample Return Pre-project

1986-89 Member, NASA Task Group for Management Policy, (post-Challenger strategic planning group started by Sally Ride, Chairman 6/87-12/88)

1984-87 Lead Mechanical Systems Engr., Comet Rendezvous/Asteroid Rendezvous Pre-project

1984-89 Technical Group Supervisor, Advanced Spacecraft Development Group, 20 member design/development staff.

1978-84 Cognizant Engineer, Project Galileo, RTG Support Structure, Launch Vehicle Mechanical Integration, RTG Mechanical Integration

In depth experience in spacecraft and instrument systems design, development, integration, test and operations. Detailed systems engineering, mechanical systems, structures, mechanisms and heat transfer experience. Brought range of flight project, R&D and line management experience. Participation in the design, development and review of many JPL in-house and contracted flight projects, instruments, technology programs and studies. On time and on budget project leadership and systems engineering of high technology missions in an environment of constrained cost and schedule. Significant knowledge and experience in working with NASA, aerospace industry and subcontractors.

MS in Aeronautics, 1982, California Institute of Technology
BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1977, U. of New Mexico

Recipient of NASA's Exceptional Achievement Medal and Exceptional BS in Mechanical Engineering, 1977, U. of New Mexico
1997 Laureate for Space by Aviation Week and Space Technology Magazine.
Tau Beta Pi, AIAA

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Brian K. Muirhead