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Max Launch Abort System (MLAS) Team
NESC is designing, developing, and testing an alternate vehicle concept as risk mitigation for the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Launch Abort System (LAS) concept. MLAS is an opportunity to balance risk, stretch technology, and build new competencies in the NASA workforce that will offer payoffs to the Constellation Program in both the near term and for future vehicle configuration.

MLAS team members pictured above, attending a technical interchange meeting held at LaRC in November 2007.

The MLAS team is a growing team of several dozen people with representation from each of NASA’s 10 Centers, industry and mentors with Apollo, ISS and STS engineering and flight experience. The team has approximately 14 months to design, build and flight test MLAS which is planned for September 2008.

Timothy L. Shekoski, Analytical Mechanics Associates (pictured above) making a presentation to MLAS team members during the technical interchange meeting.