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John Paulson

Mr. Paulson is an Aerospace engineer with 44+ years in experimental aerodynamic research and management.  He started as a research engineer, held various management and leadership positions before retiring from NASA as Assistant Director, Aerospace Systems, Concepts and Analysis Competency.

He supported the Constellation Program with aerodynamics expertise for the Ares I Aerodynamics Panel, and the Test and Analysis and Database Development Teams.  He also chaired Preliminary and Critical Design Reviews for the successful Ares I-X Flight Test Vehicle; supported Exploration Program with developemnt of Mars Science Lab and Phoenix aerodynamics.  Mr. Paulson is currently supporting Space Launch System Aerodynamics Team.

Mr. Paulson was a member of the ALAS Team investigating alternate launch abort system for the Orion/Ares I vehicles.  Conducted wind tunnel test at Boeing PSWT demonstrating performance improvements from ALAS Configurations 1, 2 and 3 which led to ALAS 11 rev 3 being the Orion configuration, 2007.

He wrote the initial Ares I Aerodynamics Databook to meet a program milestone in August 2007 and was member of the team that produced the final databook released in late 2010.

He led test team that advocated, planned and conducted a Lift-Off/Transition and Tower Interference test for Ares I in the LaRC 14- by 22-Foot Subsonic Wind Tunnel, 2009.

Mr. Paulson chaired the PDR and CDR Panels for Ares I-X Phase I conducted in March 2008 and Phase II conducted July 2008.  Highly unusual to have multi-part CDR process but the schedule pressures of Ares I-X Project demanded an early independent "look" at the Project.  Negotiated with Constellation (Cx) Management, Ares I-X Mission Management and the Cx Standing Review Board to get approval of this innovative process which by all accounts yielded a very solid review.  Prepared the panel reports and presented briefings Jeff Hanley, Constellation Program Director.  Also served as voting member of the PDR and CDR Panels for Ares I-X Ground Systems and Ground Operations.  He lead an independent team to review the system level Verification Requirements Definition Sheets for Ares I-X.  All sheets closed prior to approval of launch of Ares I-X.

Mr. Paulson served as the chair of the aerodynamic review panel for the Mars Science Lab mission, 2006

He was a member of the Phoenix Aerodynamics Review Panel, which certified the entry aerodynamics for the mission, 2006

He was also a member of team which conducted a powered wind tunnel test of MSL entry probe in LaRC 31-inch M10 Wind Tunnel to determine RCS effectiveness.  Findings reported to NESC and MSL project, 2010.

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John Paulson