Dr. Roy Torbert
Dean of College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
University of New Hampshire


Research Area or Other Specialization

Dr. Torbert’s research focuses on the physics of planetary magnetospheres; aurora; and early solar system formation. He is an expert on space plasma diagnostic instrumentation, including particle, field, and plasma current measurements. He is the lead co-investigator responsible for delivery of the magnetic and electric field instrumentation for the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission and serves as Deputy PI for that mission. He has had leading roles on many space missions: PI for the CRIT I and II, and Auroral Turbulence I and II sounding rocket campaigns; developed the Faraday Ring technique for measuring weak electric currents in plasmas; member of the STEREO IMPACT instrument team; participating scientist for the Air Force S3-3 and the NASA-ESA ISEE electric field instruments; Co-Investigator on WIND, POLAR, and CLUSTER spacecraft; and Deputy Principal Investigator and project Scientist for the German-American Equator-S mission.

Honors, Awards, and Other Information

National Science Foundation Fellow, 1971-1975.
NASA Summer Faculty Fellow, 1985 and 1986.
Von Braun Fellow - University of Alabama in Huntsville, 1985.