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For National Laboratories
The Federal Laboratory Consortium grew out of an earlier DoD Consortium formed in 1971 to improve collaboration among DoD labs and to find civilian uses for technical knowledge originally developed for military purposes. In 1974 this organization became the Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer, with DoD still the primary focus. Congress broadened the organization by establishing in the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 the charter to foster, through federal labs, the transfer of technology to the private sector, other federal labs, and state/local governments. This is a national organization divided into six regions (Far West, Mid-Continent, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and Southeast). The Federal Lab Consortium has fostered collaboration among federal agencies in the efforts to transfer technology, has provided training for federal technology transfer professionals, and is actively engaged through the region networks to develop and sustain collaboration with state/local governments, academia, industry, and economic development organizations within a given region in the area of technology transfer. IPP through its NASA field center offices is actively involved in the Federal Lab Consortium.
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