Major Facility Inventory
The Major Facility Inventory is a NASA compiled database consisting primarily of aerospace-related facilities and major associated equipment located at NASA field centers as well as installations from several other agencies. The database is intended to provide an overview of aerospace-related facilities, capabilities and points of contact that may be of interest to potential NASA partners for access under a reimbursement agreement or collaborative/partnership efforts with NASA. This database provides several ways to access the information depending on interest:
  • NASA Centers and Other Sites
  • Facility Types
  • Capability
Each detailed highlight provides the facility/equipment location, facility type, description, facility capability, and points of contact for the overall location and specific facility. The degree of availability for potential external use depends on the specific facility/equipment, with the facility point of contact as the best source to provide further detail including availability and terms of use. Access to NASA facility information is publicly available; other installation information is available to authorized users upon approval of the NASA database manager.

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