2010 FAST Selected Projects
Project TitleProject LeaderPartners
Vacuum-Compatible Multi-Axis Manipulator/Machining Center (M/MC) for Long-Duration Space Missions Beck Engineering, Inc.  
Universal In-Flight Diagnostic Technology: rHEALTH Sensor DNA Medicine Institute, Inc. NASA GRC
Dual Containment Platform for Characterization of Slosh Dynamics in Microgravity Florida Institute of Technology NASA KSC
Low-Gravity Testing of the Radio Frequency Mass Gauge NASA GRC  
Cryocooler and Heat Pipe Characterization for the VASIMR® ISS Demonstration Mission Ad Astra Rocket Company  
RAGNAR: Robust, Autonomous Grappler for Non-contacting Actuation and Reconfiguration Cornell University  
Experimental Methods in Attitude Control California State Polytechnic University  
Measurement of Vestibulo-ocular Function without Eye-Movement Recording Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine  
Large Deployable Structures for Nanosatellite Applications Stanford University  
Development and Validation of Design for Advanced, Two-Phase, Space Heat Exchangers University of Maryland  
Investigation of Resonant Behavior from Propellant Slosh in Spinning On-Orbit Fuel Depots Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University NASA KSC, United Launch Alliance
Regenerable Filtration System for Long Duration Space Missions NASA GRC ASRC Aerospace Corp, Aerfil LLC
Characterization of a Pulsed Flow Fluidized Bed NASA JSC  
Reduced Gravity Testing of One Complete Cycle of an ISRU Pneumatic Regolith Feed System NASA KSC ASRC Aerospace NASA JSC
Evaluation of Tribocharged Electrostatic Beneficiation of Lunar Simulant in Lunar Gravity NASA KSC ASRC Aerospace Corp
The CEL- C 2 Biochip: An Advanced Technology for Fundamental Space Biology Research Purdue University  
Jet-Induced Cratering of Granular Materials University Of Florida CFO Research Corp, NASA KSC