Spinoff Day on the Hill 2010
Spinoff Day on the Hill is an event purposed to enlighten Congress and the public about how the secondary use of NASA technologies benefit life on Earth.

Spinoff Day on the Hill 2010 will take place May 20, 2010, 11am-3pm on Capitol Hill, Rayburn Building, Room 2325.

Exhibits include:

Life Raft: Apollo-era self-righting life raft capable of resisting tipping in choppy seas and fierce winds. › Read More
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GATR: Inflatable Antenna extends Communications to remote areas to provide backup communication when land lines are down. › Read More

GIGAPAN: The Gigapan robotic platform now enables photographers on Earth to capture and create super-sized digital panoramas. › Read More

Mars Cameras make Panoramic Photography a Snap › Read More

MarcBot: Robots Save Soldiers Lives Overseas › Read More

Allocade: Hubble Systems Optimize Busy Hospital Schedules › Read More

AiroCide: Air purifiers eliminate pathogens and preserve food. › Read More

Petroleum Remediation Product (PRP): The proven solution of cleaning up oil spills. › Read More