NASA Technologies Available For Licensing
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Detailed Description: NASA, along with other federal research agencies, has an obligation to foster the application and transfer, as appropriate, of technology from its field centers to academia, other government organizations, and industry. Effective communication of what NASA technologies are available for commercial and other use, is key to successful technology transfer. Recently there has been a concerted effort, by NASA and other federal agencies, to make more visible these technologies that are available, and to keep the information updated to reflect changes that may occur.

This dataset includes those patented NASA technologies that are available to commercial entities for licensing as they have not been exclusively licensed. NASA has developed these technologies for use in its aeronautics, earth science, and space missions. NASA is seeking commercial partners to use these technologies in their products so they may benefit the general public, and may foster economic growth. These technologies may also be used by commercial entities and academia if they are performing under a contract or grant with a United State federal government agency. Please contact the person listed for the Center at which the technology was developed to either license or use the technology for government projects.

Searchable key words: technology, invention, innovation, licensing, business, opportunity, patents, research and development, scientific and technical information.

Dates or time interval(s) initially covered by the data: 1991 thru 2009.

Geographical extent: All NASA Centers

The name/e-mail and/or phone number of the IPP Points of Contact to whom inquiries are to be made for technologies are listed below. Each NASA Center licenses the technologies developed at their Center. Please direct your inquiries to the appropriate Center based on the Technology Case Number.

Please use "RSS Feed Inquiry" in the subject line of any e-mail sent to these Innovative Partnerships Program (IPP) Points of Contact. Please include your name, company, address, phone number and e-mail address and the technology that you are interested in licensing when making an inquiry.

Ames Research Center (ARC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: ARC
IPP Point of Contact: Julia Rivera,, 650.604.0584
ARC Website:

Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: DRC
IPP Point of Contact: Gregory Poteat,, 661.276.3872
DFRC Website:

Glenn Research Center (GRC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: LEW
IPP Point of Contact:, 216.433.3484
GRC Website:

Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: GSC
IPP Point of Contact: Melissa Jackson,, 301.286.7958
GSFC Website:

NASA Headquarters (HQ)
Technology Case Number Prefix: HQN
IPP Point of Contact: Kimberly Butler,, 202-358-2341
HQ Website:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
Technology Case Number Prefix: NPO
IPP Point of Contact: Debora Wolfenbarger,, 818.354.3829
JPL Website:

Johnson Space Center (JSC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: MSC
IPP Point of Contact:
JSC Website:

Kennedy Space Center (KSC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: KSC
IPP Point of Contact: Lewis Parrish,, 321.867.5033
KSC Website:

Langley Research Center (LaRC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: LAR
IPP Point of Contact: Sandra Pretlow,, 757.864.2358
LaRC Website:

Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: MFS
IPP Point of Contact: Paul Hale,, 256-544-5608
MSFC Website:

Stennis Space Center (SSC)
Technology Case Number Prefix: SSC
IPP Point of Contact: John Brimm,, 228.688.3828
SSC Website:

Description of fields provided in RSS Feed:
Case Number: NASA Identification number
Application Title: Title of Patent as issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office
Patent Number: United States Patent Number
Patent Expiration Dt: The date when the Patent expires
Licensing Available: Technologies may have been licensed either non-exclusively or in partial fields of use but are still available for licensing
Patent Abstract: United States Patent Abstract

Please note that full text of the issued patents listed in the RSS Feed can be found at the United States Patent and Trademark Office web site. Enter the Patent Number in the Term 1 text box and choose "Patent Number" for Field 1.

Detailed descriptions of, the data collection instrument for each listed mode:
Mode chosen was person/computer
When a NASA Center's Patent Counsel is informed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office that a Patent has issued, a person in the Patent Counsel's office enters the issue date into the Innovative Partnerships Office's NASA Technology Transfer System data system. The patented technology is then added to the list of NASA Technologies Available for licensing if it has not been exclusively licensed.