Technology Transfer Program

    The nation's lead launch center and first spaceport, the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) performs preflight tests and prepares and launches manned and unmanned space vehicles for NASA.

    Scientists and Engineers at KSC develop new technologies that support its three major missions: Launch and Vehicle Processing Systems, Payload and Payload Carrier Systems and Landing and Recovery Systems. KSC also prioritizes new work commitments to the development of technologies that support the creation and operation of new spaceport facilities for Earth, in space and on other planets.

    Under the Innovative Partnerships Program, NASA secures patents on promising technologies and makes these inventions available to industry through Technology Transfer or Patent Licensing which is administered by the Innovative Partnerships Program.

    NASA has the authority to grant licenses on its domestic and foreign patents and patent applications pursuant to 35 U.S.C. 207-209. NASA has implemented this authority by means of the NASA Patent Licensing Regulations, 37 CFR § 404.

    All of NASA licenses are individually negotiated with the prospective licensee, and each license contains terms concerning commercialization (practical application), license duration, royalties, and periodic reporting. NASA patent licenses may be exclusive, partially exclusive, or nonexclusive.

    Information on NASA patents and patent applications can be found through the links in the menu bar above left and through: :

    • Patent and technical literature searches
    • NASA Tech Briefs
    • NASA Field Center Innovative Partnerships Program Offices
    • NASA Headquarters Office of General Counsel

KSC Technologies

    CORROSION Tops 12878 Picture Liquid Galvanic Coating

    MATERIALS TOPS 13088 Picture Chemochromic Detector for Sensing Hydrogen Gas Leakage

    ELECTRONICS Tops 12878 Picture Integral Battery Power Limiting Circuit For Intrinsically Safe Applications

    CRYOGENICS Tops 12878 Picture Insulation Test Cryostat with Lift Mechanism

    ENVIRONMENTAL Tops 12878 Picture A New Formulation for the Removal and Remediation of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Painted Structures.(

    SOFTWARE TOPS 12909 Picture Systems Maintenance Automated Repair Tasks (SMART)