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Many of the technologies developed by NASA include a software component, which can often have broad applications beyond the aerospace program. Recent innovations at Armstrong include software applications that impact flight safety, security monitoring, and human health.

New software developed at Armstrong that will be made available to others goes through the Software Release Process.

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Case Number

Software Title


DRC-012-022 Software Tool Quickly Plots Terabytes of Time History Data This general-purpose software tool quickly and efficiently plots time history data. QuickPlot is a simple yet powerful utility that plots data from multiple runs and input files using various time-function parameters.
DRC-012-025 Program Validates and Analyzes Time History Data Processes This software tool compares differences between time history data files in order to validate and analyze pre-processing activities. The DthDiff utility program compares any two data files supported in the DthData data set.
DRC-012-024 Utility Processes Time History Data Files for Display and Analysis The DthData software tool processes time history data files for plotting or further analysis. The utility program converts time history files from a compressed format to any format suitable for displaying or plotting.
DRC-011-003 STARS - A Finite element Multidisciplinary Analysis Computer Program STructural Analysis RoutineS (STARS) is an efficient, cost-effective, and unique computer program that analyzes a variety of practical engineering problems.
DRC-010-044 Van Half-Cycle Crack Growth Computer Program for Embodying in the Ko Aging Theory for Structure Operational Life Predictions

This software program predicts the operational life of critical aerostructural components.

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