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Increasing Engineering Efficiency with STARS (STructural Analysis RoutineS)
December 21, 2012

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Innovators at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center have developed an efficient, cost-effective, and unique computer program that analyzes a variety of practical engineering problems. STructural Analysis RoutineS (STARS) is a fully integrated, multidisciplinary, finite element–based, graphic-oriented analysis tool that combines individual modules to solve complex engineering problems. The range of applications includes structural analysis, heat transfer, linear aerodynamics, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as well as coupled linear and CFD-based aeroelastic, aeroacoustics, aerothermoelastic-acoustics, and aeroservoelastic analysis. Because of the tool's highly integrated nature, it has broad application across many engineering disciplines.


  • Efficient: Integrates general-purpose analysis modules for a range of multidisciplinary applications
  • Easy to implement: Utilizes standard FORTRAN language to run on a variety of computational platforms
  • Powerful: Processes large amounts of data for a finite element–based, graphic-oriented linear and nonlinear analysis


  • Aerospace engineering
  • Mechanical and civil engineering
  • Automotive design

Commercial Opportunity

This technology is part of NASA's technology transfer program. The program seeks to stimulate broad commercial use/application of NASA-developed technologies. NASA is flexible in its agreements, and opportunities exist for licensing and joint development. Armstrong is interested in a partnership to commercialize this technology.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about this technology or about NASA's technology transfer program, please contact:

Technology Transfer Office
NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center
PO Box 273, M/S 1100
Edwards, CA 93523-0273
Phone: (661) 276-3368
E-mail: DFRC-TTO@mail.nasa.gov

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