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About the Armstrong Technology Transfer Office

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) at Armstrong Flight Research Center works to achieve the following goals:

—Adding value to NASA
—Facilitating technology breakthroughs
—Accelerating research and development (R&D) achievements
—Increasing the return on the nation’s space program investments

The TTO adds value to NASA through technology development and technology infusion. Technology infusion ensures that NASA considers all of the possible solutions to a technical challenge. TTO also acts as a pathfinder and an agent of change to facilitate new approaches and methods for technology development.

The TTO facilitates technology breakthroughs by fostering partnerships that leverage funding, capabilities, and expertise both within and outside the agency to address technology barriers. These cost-shared, joint-development partnerships bring together new sources of innovation not only to address NASA’s technology needs but also to benefit the nation.

The TTO accelerates R&D achievements by funding development of cutting-edge, critical technologies. TTO's programs support innovative R&D by small businesses, early-stage concept development by NASA innovators, collaborative R&D between NASA researchers and external organizations, testing of emerging technologies in the space environment, and much more.

The TTO increases the return on taxpayer investments by transferring technologies developed for the space program to new commercial applications. Medicine, transportation, public safety, environmental protection, computer technology, consumer goods, and many other industries have introduced new products and processes based upon NASA technology. TTO makes these “spinoffs”→  happen.

The TTO achieves all of these goals by:

—Evaluating the commercial potential of Armstrong technologies and working with patent counsel to protect the intellectual property
—Reviewing Armstrong's technology needs to identify opportunities for joint R&D with companies, universities, government agencies, and national laboratories
—Identifying and communicating with potential technology licensees and partners
—Negotiating win-win agreements
—Overseeing Armstrong's software release process
—Seeking awards and recognition for Armstrong's innovators, technologies, and licenses/partnerships
—Publicizing Armstrong's technology transfer successes

Explore our Web site and then contact us to learn more about how you can participate in technology partnerships and licensing at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center.

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