Summary of Partnering Tools
  Contract Cooperative Agreement Grant Space Act Agreement Patent License Enhanced Use Lease CRADA
Used by NASA to acquire goods, services, or both.
NASA funding provided to facilitate activities that accomplish a public purpose
Used by NASA for collaborations with the public and private sector, including the performance of reimbursable work
Used by NASA to transfer specific rights associated with a NASA-owned invention.
Permits NASA to lease under-utilized real property assets
Rarely used by NASA for cooperative research and development.
Competition Required?
Generally, Yes
Generally, Yes
In some circumstances
In some circumstances
Notable Requirement(s)
- Goods or Services
- Mission Need
- Public Purpose
- NASA may be involved
Subject to statuatory requirements and NASA requirements depending on type of collaboration
- Intellectual Property
- Royalty-Based Commercialization
- Real Property
- Federal Lab
- R&D
NASA Funding to the Non-NASA Party
Process Owner
Office of Procurement
Office of Procurement
Space Acts Agreements Manager
Technology Transfer Office
Center Real Property/Facilities Offices
Undefined at this time
Notable Advantage
$$$ to contractor
$ to awardee
Flexibility in structuring to meet needs
Exclusive Rights to an Invention
Improve usage of Real Property
Advanced Licensing of Inventions Not Yet Invented
Notable Disadvantage
Standard Regulations and Provisions
Standard Regulations and Provisions (but not nearly as large as the FAR)
Can be used only when activity is not covered by other statute or regulation
Royalty Payments as Consideration
No in-kind consideration
No Cash Contribution Allowed From NASA
Space Act; 31 USC 6303; 10 USC 2302
Space Act; 31 USC 6304; 31 USC 6305
Space Act
35 USC 207
Space Act; 42 USC 2459j
15 USC 3710a
Federal Acquisition Regulations
Grant and Cooperative Agreement Handbook (14 CFR Part 1260)
NASA Policy and Space Act Agreement Guide
37 CFR Part 404, also referred to as the "Licensing Regulations"
Subject to NASA policy
No Formal Regulation