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Independent Program Assessment Office
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
MS 109
Langley Research Center
Hampton Virginia 23681-2199
757-864-3927 (fax)
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IPAO LogoWelcome to NASA's focal point of excellence in technical and programmatic assessment! 

The main role of the IPAO is to enable the independent review of the Agency's Programs and select projects at key decision points in the life-cycle to support approval decisions by the Agency leadership and to ensure mission success.

Independent life-cycle reviews provide unbiased and compressive assessments of the technical, schedule, cost, and risk posture of proposed and ongoing Programs and projects to provide an objective advisory to the Agency’s Program Management Councils.

More specifically the IPAO:

  • Conducts multi-disciplinary reviews at designated decision milestones to evaluate Program and project objectives, cost, schedule and risk management compliance with NASA Procedural Requirements (NPR) 7120.5E
  • Advances the Agency's programmatic (cost and schedule) analysis and estimating capabilities in collaboration with the Cost Analysis Division, Independent Program and Cost Evaluation Office
  • Recommends approaches for programmatic and technical risk mitigation
  • Continuously improves the Agency's independent Program and project review processes through consultation with our stakeholders and synergistic relationships with other review organizations

This website provides an important communication vehicle on the activities of the IPAO and the policies and processes that guide the Agency’s independent life-cycle review process. As we are always interested in improving our operations, please feel free to provide us with your feedback regarding this website or suggested areas of improvement to the independent life-cycle review process.

With regards,
James N. Ortiz, PhD

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James Ortiz HeadshotStay current with NASA's Independent Program Assessment Office initiatives with IPAO Director James Ortiz's Director's Blog 

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